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  1. On 9/21/2016 at 3:01 PM, wdiekmann said:


    But we don't know if P3D will still exist in one year because it is not a main business of Lockheed. So some developers prefer to create new products instead bringing old ones onto P3D.




    It is a plausible scenario that LM may drop the Prepar3d programme for whatever reason (who knows).  But even if they did that today, they have still moved the platform forward significantly from where MS decided to drop it.  Why shouldn't 3rd party development be able to continue for a number of years on the current state of the platform?  If you have bought a licence for the platform, you should still be entitled to use it for 'learning'.  


    XP may be growing but it is not yet the preferred platform of choice.  I still highly doubt whether the 11th version will be able to create the love affair with it that we have with P3D



  2. On 3/9/2016 at 11:07 AM, wdiekmann said:

    Hi Erich,
    Thank you for your suggestion.

    We are looking for new developers from Africa doing African airports or African scenery. If developers know the airport or area they create really well we all can expect good products witha very realistic feeling.

    But at present we haven't found such people so I can't tell you if there will be more African products soon, but this may chage pretty fast if we find the right developers.

    Kind regards



    Thanks Winfried.



  3. H all


    I am delighted that Africa is getting at least some attention with Johannesburg coming soon and Kilimanjaro released a few months back.  Is Africa being given any further consideration ?

    There are a few destinations which dovetail quite nicely into Johannesburg for medium/short hops.  Maun airport which services the Okavango Delta (in itself a great region for development with many small strips dotted throughout the region),  Cape Town, Addis Ababa, Nairobi and Lagos.

    These could all do with some Aerosoft love.




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