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  1. Hi Folks, Beautiful area - gateway to some great outdoor adventures - used to pass through Bishop when headed to "Evolution Valley"... That King Air in the first shot looks so at home... Regards, Scott
  2. Hi Folks, While maybe not the best way - I found a work around... Start P3D without Simstarter NG - set all the settings the way you want - exit P3D... Go into Simstarter NG - edit profiles - select the "Master Record" profile - select "import settings from p3d.cfg" - save it... Blow away all your old profiles - build new profiles - any new profiles will be built from the new "Master Record" with the correct monitor resolution... Change the settings in your new profiles as desired... Regards, Scott
  3. Hi Folks, Simstarter NG worked great with my old 4:3 monitor - recently replaced with new 6:9 that supports much higher resolution - my existing profiles don't seem to retain the new P3D screen resolution setting and I always have to change it on each subsequent start... I don't see a setting in the Simstarter interface to change this value - however - I did click on "edit file" for the appropriate profile and it does show the correct resolution there... I also have some strangeness if I change things in the "in game" P3D menu system - such as when I update the screen resolution - many times the texture size trips back to the lowest setting of 512x512 requiring another change... Help... Thanks... 20181104-07h54m36_SIMstarterNG_DebugPackage.zip Regards, Scott
  4. Hi Shaun, Thanks for the pointer... I purchased the EMB-170/190 package but I couldn't seem to remove VAT from the order - so I had to pay it... I guess there is no way to have that credited ??? In addtion - the package I really wanted was the EMB-135/145 - however - that one didn't seem to have an option to "download"... Could that have been an oversight ??? Would there be any way to get the "download" version for that price - as I'll gladly buy that one as well... Regards, Scott
  5. No problem - can you direct me to the sale page - I can't seem to find it. Regards, Scott
  6. Monr''n Folks, Someone over at AVSIM mentioned a Wilco sale that is on the European site only of Aerosoft... Is there anyway you can make that available on the US site as well - I didn't see any menTion of it... Regards, Scott
  7. Morn'n, I just updated my IIXL over the weekend for FS9 with the RXP GNS530... One thing is an issue - the RXP GNS530 needs to be set to "Simple VOR" mode in order to work... It seems in this mode - you need to leave the panel NAV/GPS switch in NAV mode when using the GPS for guidance of the autopilot... If set to GPS - it never captures the track... You then use the "CDI" button on the GPS to switch between VOR/GPS... I moved COM2 and NAV2 to the top two radio slots and installed the 530 in place of the radios in slot 3, slot 4, and the Trimble... Other than the NAV/GPS it all seems to work fine so far... Regards, Scott
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