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  1. Awesome! North departure from Put in Bay/South Bass airport puts the monument right in your windscreen after takeoff. Also fun to watch from atop the monument as people bet on which side departing planes will turn to. Thanks for putting more sailboats than powerboats on the mooring balls off of the Boardwalk. The area just west of the monument could use a few boats too (where the shadow of the monument is). Popular place to anchor for those of us that are too cheap to pay for a ball. Thanks for keeping me from having to learn Gmax.. Flying there without the monument is just wrong. I've
  2. I live near Elyria Ohio. Had a 19' sailboat in Lorain that I would sail to the islands a few times a year. Now have a Bayfield 29 in Sandusky.
  3. Why yes, I am. Have flown into Kelleys and Put in Bay airports back when I did real world. Kelleys used to have yield to aircraft signs on the road that crossed over the runway. Now I anchor my sailboat at Put in Bay in the summer. They would be wonderful to add in to the CLE package (which looks great!!!). Anything I can do?
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