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  1. This for sure is the wrong forum but maybe someone from Aerosoft will respond. I've posted already three times to the return link on aerosoft to return a unopened CD product I double ordered by mistake. No one answers. does anyone have a link or contact address for returns? Thanks, Rob
  2. Hi all, If I'm posting in the wrong forum, please let me know. New on this forum. Yesterday I downloaded Santorini scenery add-on. My system is not optimal but handles all FSX scenery well at medium to high settings, even at the far right of the settings it'll fly well. Anyway, flying around Santorini, there is only like one Church at the top of the island, Gandola ride works, one Cruise ship and that's about it. The area where the village & Thira would be are just white splashes of texture. I've tried all settings, read the manual and set it accordingly. No luck. What is wrong!?!?!?!? Is there a fix for this? Thanks, Rob Bucci
  3. Thanks! Didn't know of this forum. Hope it'll help.
  4. So reloaded it all, follow all steps in the instructions and when it's time to connect PFE to the flight simulator when it's running in the back ground. I get a pop-up error from PFE stating the data base has to be rebuilt. Second time it happens. Have not been successfull in the connection. Second, the instructions state that I don't have to convert a flight plan if I build it with FSBuild. So no instructions on how to get the two programs to talk to each other, in FSbuild there is no option to configure to export directly to PFE. This program sucks or the instructions suck and I'd like some help. thanks Rob
  5. Hi folks, So I'm following the PFE/ProFlight Tutorial through each step to convert a flight plan from FSX, and as i go through the steps to where PF2000 is supposed tos select FLT from the flight plan converted, the window is empty. Somehow PFE is not transfering the file to PF2000 so it can be highlighted and compiled in PF2000. What gives? Can anyone reference the tutorial and walk me through it? In the guidance it shows in the PF2000 window with files on the left chosen at "pilots" and on the right window all the flight plans. But in reality when I have the progrms open in the PF2000 window for selecting a flight plan it just has the "dummy" file created by default. Ok, hope someone can help. Thanks, Rob
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