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  1. Can I install the twin otter in FS9? if it compatible , how can I do it? thanks Hmatta
  2. I purchased yesterday Budapest 2007 for FSX, on installation it says version 1.00, the file name ( after unzipping ) is LHBP_V100.exe dated 2 March 2007. When I log in to support I can't see the Ver 1.2 patch ( Only the FS9 version download. I'm having texture problem with LHBP with the area around the airport apeares flooded with water. Baybe version 1.2 will solve this. H. Matta
  3. Yes, I do have Lukla installed ( and another 25 or so commercial scenery pakages)
  4. I bought Freight dogs , The scenery as I previously purchsed the beaver. In the scenery areas of freight dogs , Instead of seeing the trees ( autogen) I get white flat squares , 1 square in the place of each tree. sometimes the squres flashes on and off betwen a white square and a tree. The other thing I noticed is that after instalation I only got 2 entries in the sceney.cfg file - the FD airports and the FD landscape tongass, althought it's title was landscape Misty but it was pointing to the Tongass scenery directry. any idea what is going on with this white square autogens.
  5. Yes, but buying Biarritz and Toulouse separately from simmarket will cost more that the whole France 2 package. So basically people who bought Paris CDG2005 separately will have to pay for the full France 2 package to get the 2 extra smaller airport. I feel there should have been a way to add the 2 extra airports to our CDG2005 at some special reduced " upgrade " price, to make the purchase comparable to people bying the France 2 package.
  6. I purchased Paris CDG 2005 from Aerosoft. Now France 2 is out that include Biarritz and Toulouse in addition to CDG that I have . How can I obtain the extra 2 airports - or update my CDG2005 to france 2 ?
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