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  1. ICAO : DAAG NAME : Houari Boumediene Airport ALG Type : Payware FS : FSX/P3D Designer : Prealsoft Link : http://secure.simmarket.com/prealsoft-algiers-airport-daag-fsx-p3d.phtml
  2. ICAO: OPLANAME: ALLAMA IQBAL INTL LAHORETYPE: PaywareFS: FSX/P3DDESIGNER: MSKLINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/msk-allama-iqbal-intl-lahore-opla-2016-fsx-fsxse-p3d.phtml Thanks
  3. Hi I installed my traffic 2010 today and after restarting flight sim all my parking positions seem to be wrong. I have tried all installed scenery and all aircraft are in a offset position. Please can you help or point me in the right direction. many thanks.
  4. Hi Oliver yes thats correct but I can get the vistamere menu when not using level D and change anything I need to then. Many thanks for your help.
  5. Just to close this, I removed aes and the imagine KATL scenery and also uk2000 scenery which I had installed. I installed the aes and the uk2000 scenery and tried again, everything worked fine. I then loaded the imagine KATL again which triggered a jetway .BGL error. and aes stopped working. I removed KATL again and aes worked. I have since reloaded KATL placed the aircraft into that scenery and turned aes on and it loaded fine and has worked since. Can't explain this but as I say it works now although when the level D aircraft is used I still don't get the vistamare menu in the addon section.
  6. Thanks for the replies so far. The situation at the moment is that if I load fsx with a default aircraft then the vistamare menu is there but still aes does not work. This is again after deleting the vistamare folder as suggested in the forum. I do not get the security questions on startup. If I load the leveld software the vistamare menu is lost. Leveld has two menus in the addon section but only one will show when the aircraft is not loaded. This maybe part of the problem.
  7. I have just noticed that this seems to be a problem caused when using the leveld 767. If swap to a default aircraft from fsx the vistamare title returns to the addon box.
  8. yes thats correct but only on the first run each time after that you dont get either again.
  9. Sorry, its fsx with service pack 2 installed and aes version 204 and I have windows vista.
  10. I have setup aes twice now and on both occassions it has stopped working after one run. The vistamare title is only in the addon for the first run then it dissappers. I also get the aes does not fit the running flight sim message which I have tried the fix for on the forum but this does not work. I have also deleted and reinstalled flight sim but again the same happened. Can you please help. Thanks
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