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  1. It has only done it so far for the A330, but I will give it a try. Thanks for the responses.
  2. i un-installed all of my airbus products and re-installed them again. I followed the Aerosoft guide and initially everything seemed fine. However I attempted to load up a flight in the A330 from Seattle and as soon as I loaded it up my keystrokes on my HOTAS Warthog stick and throttle were reset again. This is extremely annoying because every time I fly this plane I have to go and reset all of my buttons and axis', which takes forever! Please if you are having these issues or know the cause let me know.
  3. I loaded the A330 two separate times today to do a flight and when I did this a bunch of the functions that I saved on my Hotas joystick and throttle no longer worked. It appeared to reset them to default settings. Is anyone else having this problem?
  4. I was flying into Montreal using active sky in light to moderate winds. I was on a stable ILS approach with flaps 2 and gear down and I could not slow beyond 180 kts. Even when I deployed my speed breaks it would not slow down. I was hitting wind gusts and getting into redline. I also noticed that the engines were not in idle even though I was well above approach speed. Even when I pulled throttles to idle it wouldn’t slow down.
  5. This is exactly what I spoke about in another topic. We have lost sight of what's important. I initially was defending Aerosoft but after this thread I'm not so sure anymore. I am frustrated that I have to use HDR in order to have materials shine a certain way, with no option to turn it off. I really don't care if something is reflective. I care about how the airplane performs and functions. Now I have to possibly lose 5 FPS for a copilot decoration. I use fs2 crew to help me simulate having a co-pilot. There are lots of things that happen in a real airbus that are not worth simulating. If you want to add that feature fine, but we need to have the option to turn it off.
  6. I want to start this topic by saying I really like Aerosoft. I have bought many of there products over the years and I have enjoyed them. This rant isn't intended to bash them as a developer. For the most part I really like the A330. I have really been looking forward to this product for some time. I do think that this aircraft however illustrated some issues in our community that is having an effect on how products are being made. In a lot of ways I feel bad for the product developers. They are trying to make us these products, which take a lot of time and hard work. The profit margins are also probably pretty small. They try to develop new things that they think we want in hopes that we buy there product. For some reason the shiny new toy in P3D is PBR. It makes materials show more accurate reflection. I get it, It makes things look better. I definitely like things to look as real as possible. But not at the expense of function and performance. Let me explain. I just attempted a flight from Miami to Moscow. This was about a 10 hour flight. I used the Aerosoft fuel planner and specifically selected the A330. I did the advanced planner and gave myself about 90 minutes of extra fuel in addition to my alternate airport. I compared that with what Simbrief suggested. Simbrief fuel planner was giving me way higher fuel amounts. Like 20 thousand tons higher. I thought, well Aerosoft must have the most accurate numbers since they developed this aircraft. I went with the Aerosoft numbers and ended up running out of fuel 9.5 hours into the flight. This is with 50 knot tail winds pretty much the whole way there. I was disappointed that a free flight planning website has a better fuel planner than the actual aircraft developer. This kind of stuff should not be happening after a long development cycle. I am also frustrated that I am being forced to use HRD lighting. I have never liked the way it looks, and it requires even more resources, but the only way to implement full PBR is to use it. Again this is not a knock on Aerosoft. They are trying to give the consumer what they want. I personally don't care if a reflective surface shines accurately at the cost of a smooth simulation that functions properly. It's like reading the forums over the years regarding wing flex. I am not pretending to be a virtual passenger. I am a pilot. I sit in the cockpit. I want a realistic flight deck with an aircraft that functions properly. Wing flex is way down the list, but the developers were treated terribly if wing flex wasn't put into there sim. I worry that the new Microsoft flight simulator will experience more of this. We will get features that are cool looking but it will be at the expense of the actual important features. I feel like the developers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Thanks for letting me rant.
  7. Long time user of Aerosoft products. I am frustrated because I have used products that don’t require hdr to be on. My understanding is that HDR is more resource intensive and can effect performance. If this is true I’m really upset that I have to use something that effects how my simulator functions. Plus I don’t really like the way HDR looks. If I’m wrong about this please explain.
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