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  1. I´m sorry. I don´t know the page well and it's not an excuse. Here only Aerosoft? Thanks!
  2. Are you interested in the model for Aerosoft? Finnair did not fly DC-50 but...
  3. No. It´s a JUST FLIGHT DC-8-62.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Just Flight DC8-62 in Finnair livery. For P3D V4 & V5. Not tested in FSX. Please, if you find any problem with the repainting let me know. Your opinion is very important to continue improving.
  5. Hello. I need help. I need to remove windows to work with JF pure DC-8 freighters (not CF) and they always appear again. Any suggestion? Thanks in advanced
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first repaint of the JF DC8-53. Please, feel free to give me your opinion and tell me the errors that you detect. Inside the texture folder you have "aircraft" to add it. Don't forget to change the "X" to the corresponding value. For P3D V4 & V5. Not tested in FSX. Thanks in advanced.
  7. The installation is correct but in the right side always (day and night) there´s a green light. Any idea about it with solution? It´s only with P3D V5. With free models all is right...
  8. It would be nice to know when someone wants a special paint the DC-8, if it's for Aerosoft or JustFlight. Sería bueno saber cuando alguien quiere una pintura especial para el DC-8, si es para Aerosoft o JustFlight.
  9. Norberto


    I would like to know if this forum is active and if it is worth uploading repaints. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello everyone: Somebody with this problem in the paintkit of DC-8-53? I work with dds-5 format... Thanks in advanced.
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