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  1. I have FlightBeam KSFO version 2 installed on my system, and the scenery displays normally, but AES shows it in red in the AES Helper app and does not seem to be able to detect it. It did detect the FlightBeam KDEN airport. Is this an AFCAD problem?
  2. Yes, removing the additional LOWI bgl files was all that was needed. Soemhow I missed those the first time around. Thanks, RG
  3. After installing Approach Innsbruck in FS9, I am getting overlapping runways. The taxiways are not doubled up. I also have the GA1 Bundle and this was not recognized during the install so I checked in the GA1 Bundle scenery folder and made sure that the LOWI specific AFCAD has been renamed to a bak file. I even did a search for duplicate AFCAD bgl files using a utility I have and could not find any conflicts. I do not have Austrian Airports 2005 installed. I then disabled the GA1 Bundle scenery in my scenery library (scenery.cfg) -- that solved the problem, so there must be something else there besides the LOWI AFCAD that creates the double runway. What else can I edit in the GA1 Bundle to get rid of the double runway, but keep the rest of this scenery active in FS9? My compliments to Aerosoft on both the recent Berlin Tegel and now LOWI. Both are beautiful additions. And thanks for suppoting both FS9 and FSX. Although I have both, I still use FS9 90% of the time, especially for flying the heavy iron like LDS767 and PMDG Boeings. RG
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