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  1. Have a look at ARNZX downloads, they have it!! Also, search first as I answered this question on this forum not that long ago.... Cheers, NZaviationrules.
  2. Have a look at OZX!! I believe it is there, however while it is not terribly high quality, it is still pretty good!! Love the last photo btw.... My home airport!! Cheers, Joe
  3. Ah yes, me too........ Many happy landings to you!! Cheers, Joe. :D
  4. OK, Here is the first shot....... En-Route from Christchurch To Dunedin-so not quite the Tasman !! Enjoy!! :D 2011-1-4_14-55-44-120.BMP
  5. Very Cool!! I would show you mine but we have just had a 6.3 Magnitude earthquake here, and have only just got power back on, so will work on it when it all starts to settle down a bit. Fortunately my family are all ok, but my heart goes out to those who weren't as lucky, and I hope all works out the best it can for them and their families. Keep up the cool shots!! Cheers, Joe.
  6. No problem!! My favourite route is very similar- Christchurch to Brisbane- although much better in a 737-319 hehe!! Happy Tasman crossings!! Joe. :lol:
  7. YooHoo!! I shall take to the skies very very shortly!! :rolleyes: That was very quick, thankyou so much!! It's like you can't say no!! Amazing, I tried one myself the other day and got completely lost in 10 minutes or possibly less!! Cheers!! :lol: Kind Regards, Joe
  8. Totally Agree!! Very high quality repaints, and I was blown away by the sheer number of them when I visited your site for the first time!! Thanks very much for the time you give Holgi, and keep up the amazing work :lol: !! Regards, Joe !!
  9. Awesome!! :D Thankyou very very much!! Kind Regards, Joe. :)
  10. Merry New Year everybody!! Just wondering if anybody would care to perhaps have a crack at one or two of these liveries-Or all of them if you're feeling kind!! (were a little short of NZ liveries!!). -Air New Zealand Pacific Wave -Air New Zealand Lord of the rings -Air New Zealand Star Alliance -Freedom Air standard -Freedom Air Movieworld -Kiwi International airlines Thanks!! P.S. I know 2 of these have been previously requested, but they are very much in the dark depths of this forum, so I thought it might be alright to request these again. Air New Zealand LOTR http://www.airliners...cc79c0967f77bf1 Air New Zealand Star Alliance http://www.airliners...-232/1842991/L/ Air New Zealand Pacific Wave http://www.airliners...-232/0824135/L/ Freedom Air Movieworld http://www.airliners...2bfdd920ecfbfc7 Freedom Air http://www.airliners...2bfdd920ecfbfc7 Kiwi Travel International Airlines http://www.airliners...f60b21f724a2031 http://www.airliners...f60b21f724a2031
  11. Great!! Thanks very much, Merry Christmas!! :D
  12. Any updates Jon?? (Sorry to be rude, saw it on today and am loving the livery!!).
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