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  1. Version 1.0.0


    I wanted to program some light functions on my alpha so I figured I would share. Master ALT turns on flood lights. Up is fully bright and down position is off Master Batt turns on wing lights Bus 1 turns on left runway turnoff light Bus 2 turns on right runway turnoff light BCN turns on red anti collison light Landing turns on both landing lights Taxi turns on nose gear light and taxi light (the 4 lights on the nose gear. Nav turns on position and logo lights strobe turns on white anti collision light I did not do anything with the rotary ignition switch Enjoy
  2. Thats cool you did the Airbus throttles. I bought a set and received them shortly after I uploaded my profile. I completely reworked my profile now to use one of the toggles on the bravo to switch the autopilot buttons to push or pull along with remapped for the airbus throttles. It still has bugs but once done I will share this one I am working on as well. Thanks for contributing.
  3. That is a great Idea! Don't know why I didn't think of that. Thanks!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    As much as I could do for a profile for the Inibuilds a310 I will work on it more to get certain things better. Lights like Starter apu door parking brake fuel pressure oil pressure hyd pressure engine fire master warning and caution all work Both knobs work and do what they are intended for except CRS. Heading does heading mode and lights up when in heading mode Nav does Nav mode and lights up when activated Apr button activates land and lights up when activated Rev activates Profile mode and lights up Alt activates altitude hold VS activates VS and lights up when active IAS activates LVL/CH and lights up when active Auto pilot activates ap1 and lights up when active Flaps are open for your personal choice on throttle 3 and 4 (what I like using) if you have the commercial levers the reversers work properly and turn off when you place them back in normal position. Pull throttle number 3 (engine one) past detent all the way down it shuts down engine. Put back to idle its in start postion Same with lever 4 (engine two) little red button on commercial throttle 1 activates toga for takeoff either flex or toga Landing gear lights work as they should. Not sure if I forgot anything Let me know what you think and I hope this helps since I haven't come across an a310 inibuild profile on here.
  5. Version 1.0.2


    I wanted to create my own profile for the Toliss A321 so here it is. It is a bit different than the one that is already up here. Alt, heading, Vs and IAS knob are what they control and obviously the adjustment knob changes up or down. Heading button pulls the heading knob out for manual heading hold Nav button pushes heading button for managed or follow your flight plan apr button activates approach mode Rev button activates loc push altitude button it pulls the altitude knob for manual input. To put back in managed mode you still need to use the mouse on the planes alt knob altitude lights up when in managed mode not manual mode. push the VS button and it will pull the VS knob to activate VS (I haven't done the light for this button yet) Push the IAS button and it will take the plane out of managed speed mode for your speed setting. The IAS light comes on when the plane is in managed speed mode. Auto pilot button activates AP1 and lights up when active Parking brake light comes on with parking brake starter light comes on if either of the engines or apu starter is engaged door light comes on and stays on until the doors are completely shut I haven't done anti ice yet I havent done low volts yet Apu light comes on when apu is available low fuel pressure comes on if any of the pumps are off or if there is a fault in the pumps Aux fuel pump I haven't done yet Low oil pressure comes on as soon as the engine oil pressure has dropped below engine 1 or 2 normal idle oil pressure hyd pressure light comes on if it drops below normal operating range in all hyd systems engine fire comes on if either engine is on fire I did not do vacuum yet master warning and caution come on when there is a warning or caution. I left the flap switch to be used for your desire. I wanted to use the flap switch for flaps instead of the lever If you put throttle 3 and 4 down past the idle position it kills the engine switch and when you put the lever back to idle it turns it on 3 does engine 1 and 4 does engine 2 Both reversers are programed if you have the commercial levers I am sure I am forgetting something but let me know what yall think. Its my first submission of a profile. Hope you enjoy and feel free to give feedback.
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