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  1. thanks for your advice sean ill try that out later and let you know what i get
  2. hey guys, thought i would chip in on this topic as ive been having trouble getting my FSX to work as good as everyone else says it should my system specs are : Intel E2200 2.2 GHz 4Gig of ram (3.5 avail) Nvidia GeForce 9500GT 512mb driver 197.45 (for nHancer) Windows 7 Home 32-bit FSX SP2 (acceleration) i had a look at your settings that were displayed and laughed to myself thinking I'll never get that, well guess what! this was taken using 1024x768 resolution and the same settings as posted yet still such low fps (5.4) (this was also not at its worst! its been as low as 3 which is basically unusable!) here are the settings i turned water effects down to 1x as any higher and it would be even worse! i did another test this time with 1680x1050 (the resolution the rest of my computer uses, and which i have no problems *usually*) (6.6 fps - strange considering the lesser resolutions results! ) the thing i am starting to think is that im not doing something right, i believe you when you say its possible to get 15+ fps but im not sure whats wrong, i also use the orbx auz scenery which gives me at least 15fps with most addons. Im not looking for click my fingers magic answer apears but if you guys have any ideas that may help as i really want to trasfer over to fsx its just the fps thats holding me back, and hearing about other people with system specs less than my own with higher fps makes me confused (i should also add that this is not limited to just heathrow i also get low fps at other addon airports!)
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