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  1. The same goes for the wipers. Wipers are very much audible now.
  2. Just one question about the new recordings. Will the new soundset feature beta range sounds aswell? Thats one of the best sounds i hear in a turboprop. That waaaaaoooommm sound. Thanks.
  3. Will Aerosoft be putting in the new propeller physics in the twin otter when it arrives in the SDK in SU8? The new physics feature looks very promising in deed. Source for this is in the last dev q&a.
  4. I have to say im very dissapointed with the sounds in the update. Its still alot of problems that i cant understand developers didnt notice! 1.Still no smooth changes in rpm (Something that we expect in a 30euro addon in 2022) 2.Still abrupt changes in the sampes (The sounds go quiet before the next sample kicks in) 3.No difference in the sound when the engine goes from feathered to unfeathered. 4.The starters and shutdown are way to loud now compared to the other sounds of the engines. 5.Badly spatial sound difference.
  5. I hope the sounds for feather/unfeather prop is in the update. As of now the condition levelers have no impact on the sounds.
  6. Maybe abit high pitched when at full throttle but overall great job man.
  7. Looks like the xbox are priority nr1 now. As long as those kids on xbox have a pretty 3D modell to look at its enough to sell it to the masses. Most of the xbox people dont know about systems and how the aircraft should work, so why should aerosoft use time to implent them right. In the end of the day its all about the money.
  8. Look. Ambience sound can be good, but less is more. Its strange when its sounding like a storm outside from inside the aircraft and if you move the view outside, its silent.
  9. Here is a great video showing most of the problems with the otter.
  10. I would suggest to remove the wind noise sound loop when inside the cabin when the back door is open, its way overdone.
  11. I think you guys should talk to Asobo and get some tips on how to use Wwise sound editor. Those rpm crossfades in the twin otter is the weirdest thing i ever heard in a turboprop aircraft.
  12. After sim update 5 the jetways dont dock any more.
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