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  1. Mine's a 4K 28'' screen with 150% fontscaling.
  2. My screen resolution is 3840 x 2160, font scaling of 150%. The same occurs to DaveCT2003 (see below). I use this view also, but since I use TrackIR it's a bit tricky to turn the head and move a bit towards the screen to read it with no effort. Of course I could use the buttons to change the view ... I didn't say that it's not readable. You have the same 2D view of the sheet like me. But it would look nicer fitting the page. The text seems a bit "lost". 😉 So it would be fine if one could change the font size manually ...
  3. Hi, is there a possibility to change the font size for the printout of the Cockpit Printer? I use a 4k-Monitor and the font is very small displayed on a "huge" paper. Greetings, Andreas
  4. That is great to hear. I am looking forward to this! BTW, it seems that the dev contacted Aerosoft already last year.
  5. When will NavDataPro provide an AIRAC for Little Navmap?
  6. Hello, just wanted to report two bugs in the Performance Sheet printed by the AIDS PRINT. - The indicated UTC Time is my local time, not UTC - The indicated temperature is not the outside temperature given by ActiveSky even if entered as GND TEMP on the INIT-Page of BOTH MCDUs - QNH indicates the set QNH, not the outside one, but that may be intended, Wind is correct BTW: Great plane and very nice gimmicks!
  7. Has the installer at the shop been fixed already?
  8. Hallo Tim, danke für den Hinweis. Dann warte ich mal auf den Fix. Bis jetzt ist er allerdings noch nicht in der Datenbank. Gruß, Andreas
  9. Ich hab' das Problem, daß das ILS im Flightsim Commander 9 nicht angezeigt wird. Habe bereits dort im Forum gefragt. Volker Heine meinte, es könnte sich um fehlerhafte ILS-Daten in der Airport-Datei handeln. Hat jemand eine Lösung? Im FS9 klappt allerdings der ILS-Anflug einwandfrei. Gruß und Danke im voraus! Andreas
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