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  1. Just had this bug aswell several times on Vatsim. Found out it happens when your next waypoints its far away. Just flying right now and ATC asked for the direct away from 150Nm. Usually this does not happend when i use DIR to a closer waypoints. Moreover, when using those kinds of DIRs, aircraft is usually zigzaging quite a lot. Only fix is to use heading mode and fly to the next point while checking for wind correction. Not game breaking but annoying Edit: You can delete the 0 waypoint via the LEGS page. Cheers
  2. However as a MS store user. IS there a way to revert back to the older version ?
  3. Greatings everyone, Despite this earlier response regarding the CRJs throttles issue, i would like to know if there is any fix regarding those who use 2 axis throttles and especially the bravo throttle which seems to have no workaround at the moment. Thank you in advance
  4. Hello. Weirdly i juste restarted my computer and now my hardware works again. Using bravo throttle yoke and saitek pedals. Updated from MS store. Used default setting in EFB for calibration.
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