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  1. Heads-up, that very long jetway they built is because in the mornings (for brussels airlines long haul) they need more gates. If I'm not mistaken, another one will be installed as well to face the other side of the tarmac.
  2. For the devs, if you need pictures on the upgrade of the connector. This gets updated on (mostly) a daily basis. http://www.brusselsairport.be/en/corporate/connector/connimg/ But as I'm able to see the modeller did some pretty good work on the connector already based on the images I provided earlier in this topic . If you would need some airport access stuff I'm sure I can bring you into contact with the spokesman of Brussels Airport who can arrange a visit for you if you'd like. EDIT: as for the jetairport (Jetairfly's new maintenance and office hangar at BRU) I'm sure Thomas (Kriva) can get you some pictures from the airside part of the airport.
  3. Hi Mathijs: Take a look at this: http://www.brusselsairport.be/en/corporate/connector/connimg/ I might as well be able to get you in contact with the spokesman of EBBR/BRU which might be able to help you further.
  4. Hi Martijn, Small question from the Belux vacc (vatsim Belgium if you will). Will the new connector building be added as well, since by the time the scenery will be finished the connector will be done as well. Thus resulting in outdated scenery from the start :s. Greetings, Tom
  5. It'll never be a good flightsim (the MS one)
  6. Didn't use the missions, however for new pilots one or three introductionary missions could be helping. Not using the default weather, multiplayer (vatsim pilot so external MP) And that's about it. Greetings, Tom
  7. One big tip, as the menu's of both FS9/FSX are pretty simple there is still a lot of room for progress there. Make them as simple meaning: One settings knob with all the graphics etc in seperate sections. (which isn't too well done on FS9/FSX in my opinion). Secondly good clouds etc would be a great advangtage. Thirdly don't make mountains just little sand hills like FS9 and FSX are doing. But make some realistic mountains on the niveau of add-ons. And maybe as last one some life on the ground as well, realistic ground services, so a bit AES implemented stuff ? Hope this points help (probably those already have been told) Greetings, Tom
  8. I would like to put something up here as well, my question is: "is it possible to become a beta tester, and if yes how?" Greetings, Tom
  9. Pretty thrilled about this, however it's sooo far away
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