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  1. With all the respect to aerosoft and their developpers but I think you might show some more respect to your customers. It has been 2 years since you guys announced this project. The latest real information on what was worked on was in January, that is more then a half year! Together with that news we got the annoucement that a date was about to be revealed. On the 27th of April you guys stated "Should not be too long but it is not yet scheduled.". Since Jannuary when we asked for any information we got a verry impolite reply stating that "Asking for information won't have any effect" or that "The progress that is currently made can not really be shown". And you guys didn't even took the time to write it, just make an impolite quote. I think that posts asking for release dates are indeed not needed here, but we just don't get ANY information, for more that 6 months! I think you guys might have some more respect for your customers and at least post a statement about what is going on. I know you guys are just the publisher, and it's an independent developper, but I think you should have a good communication with your developper. Me myself I'm in the development bussines too so I know what I'm talking about. Asking for relesese dates indeed is verry difficult and not easy for you guys, and I'm not asking for any release date, just any information. Cause when you say "The progress that is currently made can not really be shown", ok yeah the progress can't be shown, but you can say what has been worked on! Currently I've a strong feeling that this product won't be released and that this project just has been stoped. I know it's not easy for you guys too, but there are currently 2 possibilities: You have information but for some reason you won't share itYou don't have the information (And I think it is this one, but that is no excuse)When the last is true, then I think you should kick you developper and ask for it. I find this behaviour verry unrespectfull to your customers, for one, you don't give any information for over 6 months, 2 years after the annoucement, and two, you are verry unpolite and unrespectfull in your replies. I know there might be unexpected circumstances, but that is no reason to act like this. I hope you take your time to write a polite reply with some good information, and not just quote yourself or reply with one sentence. Further more I think Aerosoft must take some time to see how they treat there customers. You guys have 1 great advantage that is that there are no alternatives and at the end they will buy your products. But that doesn't give you the right to treat them like some shit. Thanks for taking your time to read and reply. Kindest regards
  2. This is just AMAZING Sorry that i didn't respond on your request, had some problems with my internet connetcion :s Thank you SO much!
  3. Fantastic! Thank you verry much, i will see for that, and hope to post it as soon as possible
  4. That is what i mean, thx!
  5. I'm looking for a paint for the Airbus X, vueling EC-KDG "Fly me i'm famous!" http://www.airliners...liners.net%252F Thx!!!
  6. Hi, Bellow +- 100 Feet the controls are smooth, but above, the controls are realy rough. Is this known? Is this correct? Sorry for this short, strange question Thx in advanced!
  7. Hello! Is this also for Flightsim communities or just for virtual airliners? Kind regards
  8. Hi, i've a litle request, the new united/continental paint! Thx in advanced
  9. Mayby whit a earlyer version? What is the price or is Aerosoft making an soloution?
  10. The problem is, i need FSUIPC for flying online on IVAO
  11. I can't find that window, were can i find it? I got the freeware not registred version. Is that an problem, i need that version for IVAO.
  12. Hi, I have read the faq, but i can't find the window.... can you help me ? Iam using FSX and got the same problem !
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