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  1. I buy it on Simmarket, I delete the rolling cache but doesn't work
  2. In Cologne airport after WU6, no lights inside terminal buildings, no passengers, no jetways I think the new update brake this great scenery And you do you see same troubles?
  3. I hope the transparent windows and inside airport will be coming
  4. I don't know but I think this airport it's will be the best add on in MSFS The preview pictures are just amazing
  5. Jo Erlend has been released EDDK? The next airport is EBBR and after it it's s Oslo
  6. Dir guys, I would like to know if the papi is modeling, on the picture I see isn't modeling Thanks for your reply
  7. Mathijs, it's very good project, we hope to fly with it
  8. I hope after EBBR, Jo Erlend will be released LEBL, LFLL, LFPG for MSFS
  9. Thank you so so much Mathijs
  10. I hope the LDZA will be updated in futur with a people inside terminal building
  11. Yes I thinking that, oh nice the T1 is finish and T2 working progress, very nice news, I think will be coming soon maybe at June?
  12. The terminals are transparent windows? Can we see passengers? Kind regards
  13. I'm curious to know what time is necessary for make a good airport than this airport or EDDK airport 🤔
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