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  1. @Jonas S. @Tom Well the good news is ive been able to re-download the CRJ 550/700 file onto MSFS. I dont know really how i did it, removed everything out of community folder to start with and went into the marketplace itself to find what I owned and it was in there with a download button and that worked. Though I still cant see it on the content manager though and for whatever reason I still have the 550/700/900/1000 bundle with the error 3 code next to it . At least I have her back, was a bit worried there for a while. This will remind me however NEVER EVER to purchase anything from the marketplace. I'll be going straight to the developer from now on. I actually dont know why I purchased there in the first because I do usually buy from the developers.
  2. I'll keep trying some other solutions to see if I can get it going. Finmgers crossed. I love my CRJ. Cant go on without her!!
  3. Yeah great. To say im furious Tom is an understament. We pay good money for this. If using the marketplace continuously causes these issues then why do aerosoft use it. It obviously causes more problems than what its worth. The ticket suggestion you make asks for a novel to be written with information I dont have seeing as I purchased the CRJ some time, probabaly when it was released. So no more CRJ for a while I would suggest, probably think twice about purhasing an aerosoft product in the future.
  4. @Tom Hasnt helped. Now all there is is the 550/700/900/1000 bundle that says notinstalled error:3. I havent purchased the bundle, I dont want the bundle, I just want toe 550/700 back. There is nothing in the update avilable section nor is the 550/700 file anywhere for me to download. Can see why people get so pissed off at this rubbish.
  5. Actually think I may have found it here. There is an aerosoft-crj folder in here. C:\Users\(myusername)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages
  6. @Tom Im a steam version. Any idea where that folder is?
  7. No you are not the only one. I too have to do the same avery update, delete and reinstall the CRJ. And today the CRJ has just magically disappeared and im unable to re-install the 55/700 at all. never again will i buy anything off marketplace, it was only this once though, all other add ons and planes brought direct from developer.
  8. Perhaps while yuou are sorting it all out ask them to put the 550/700 back up to be able to donwloaded, upgraded. My 550/700 version has disappeared and when I went to re-download its stuck on pending. Like it was just wiped from my content manager. PS - Im not looking to upgrade to the 900/1000 I just wanted to update my 550/700 version.
  9. By the way Seth2413 and darron Hedge (me) are one and the same person with the same issue. For some reason my aerosoft account has also been decativated?????
  10. @Tomthe error 3 was only next to the crJ 550/700/900/1000 bundle which I dont have nor do I want to be honest. Ive restarted and this is what I now get when I search the CRJ. The bundle line is replaced and I now have this. Its like it has deleted my 55/700 version so when I go to intsall now it jst sits there in pending. Wont download at all. To add the CRJ has disappeared from my planes list.
  11. Sorry @Tombut that is just plain ridiculous. Ive purchased the 550/700 and have used it tirelessly for some time, I love it but now because some extra seats have been inlcuded for a new bundle existing devoted owners of it have to go through this process to get it running again. I'll do it of course but just shouldnt have to, was it tested? Obviously not as I dont seem to be the only one.
  12. Oh for goodness sake someone else chimes in without reading the whole thread. Go back to the top and read what we are talking about. I'll spell it out for you and anyone else who wants to have a crack. I'll quote the last comment made on the Aug 4 about the update. "Now for the good news: The CRJ updates for compatibility issues with Sim Update 5 have been completed and are being readied for release as we speak. They should become available in the next couple of days." So here we are Aug 12 and no further information, did they hit a snag? is there more things broken from the hotfix? All we are saying is that it just needs a comment every now and then to let everyone know what is happening and whether we will see our beloved CRJ700/550 birds flying at their best again. The majority of us are very devoted to this plane and talk it up all the time. Call me impatient all you like, not really im just a loyal customer seeking some information.
  13. Yeah Kamil thats the thread I am talking about. It was 4 pages long and open and now its 2 pages and shut with a comment from a modertaor at the end.
  14. Link to posts? because we dont see any. The point im making is that there was a thread/post about updates but a modertaor decided to remove a heap of posts and close it because it was going downhill fast. It was only going downhill because nothing was coming out of AS. last post as I said above was August 4 to say it was finished and ready for release. Since then nothing so of course people are going to start to get restless and a bit annoyed with no information coming out. just need to be careful or else peoploe will just take thier business elsewhere if the customer service is lacking. Look at how much flack flight factor get because their attitude and customer service is atrocious. AS dont be like FF.
  15. Who knows. I see another thread was closed because the 'tone' was going downhill fast apparently. A few asking about the update considering this statem,ent was made on August 4 "Now for the good news: The CRJ updates for compatibility issues with Sim Update 5 have been completed and are being readied for release as we speak. They should become available in the next couple of days." Quite disappointed that geez we have the gall to ask when this will be updated and fixed. Yes im sure they are busy with it and yes im sure it will be released when its finished but no information for a week on when that will be considering last week it was announced the update was finished. This isnt a freeware project with people doing it in their own time, this is payware that we have all paid money for so just asking for a bit of information and customer service. No info on here, no info on discord channel. The CRJ is my favorite and go to plane for a few programs that I use alongside MSFS like A pilots life, FSEeconomy, VATSIM so would just like to be able to enjoy it again. Didnt think that was too much to ask.
  16. Yeah must admit cant recall where downloaded it from. must have been from MSFS directly in the marketplace as a free file but guess it is listed as an aerosoft addon so thought in here would knopw answer as to why. Pretty sure others have this issue as well. Just seems to be taking up a lot of space just for an airport??? Something fishy with this file.
  17. Ive had to keep re-installing this file because it drops off the content manager for whatever reason though it seems to get bigger with every world update. Is now a 13gb download on content manager Is there something we should know about this 'free' airport because i don't want it if i don't need to load it anymore. Rather delete it altogether for a file of that size, it is just an airport isnt it???
  18. Sorry all ive editted this thread as idiot me when i inzstalled update and hotfix and it then had to re-install CRJ I cleaned out community folder and forgot to put LVAR bridge back in to be able to use spad.next so thought was an issue but it works now. tried to dlete this but resolved, can be closed thanks.
  19. Probabaly is that actually but wont know until it does its thing again where it resets itself. Thinking about it when it resets itself everything switches back to cold and dark so would naturally explain perhaps that the chocks would be put back on too. I'll be sure to check it out, thanks though at end of day be better if it didnt just reset for no reason.
  20. This is infuriating. Looked through FAQ and nothing there. The CRJ every 3-4 flight will just for no known reason reset itself, You hear a beep and all the buttons & systems just reset. Try to go through everything again and once done you then know that the parking brake will be tsuck on no matter what and you cant release it so plane is stuck at gate. This has now happended a number of times. Sometimes the lfight is fine and sometimes this happens and when it does you know you just have to go through the whole lot again. Now I use in the background pushback helper, simtool kit pro is running, FSUIPC for ACARS and SPAD.NEXT. These are items that most people would be running to get sim running and as stated this does not always happen, it is random.
  21. It will be what I just posted, guarantee it. Bind an avainics switch on.
  22. I had this issue for a day or so. You need to bind a switch to turn the avionics on. For example for me I set a switch on my honeycomb alpha (avionics switch actually) to turn on. Once I did that it worked.
  23. Yes I did and posted it in the threads relating to it. In a nutshell I have multiplanel and honeycomb yoke and use spad.next. I have a switch binded to 'avionics' on/off so I can use the multipanel switches and knobs on the CRJ and also the A320. Once I turned that switch on it turned on the vpilot radio freq and all works. Happy days once again.
  24. Ok seemed to have resolved this issue. I have a logitech multi panel with my honeycomb alpha yoke. To use the the multipanel you need to bind an avionics switch along with the attached profile that I use. This could be a keyboard key or in my case it is the avionics switch on my honeycomb alpha. As soon as i switched this on the vpilot radio panel lit up and it started to work. As I type this im happily flying in the CRJ on VATSIM from YMML/ YSSY milk run event. Hopefully that helps for others out there. My CRJ spad.next profile is attached. 500ER.xml
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