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  1. Here is a template for MCP Combo for the payware program Lorby Axis OH (You need to install the MCP Combo bridge also from Lorby site) You need to import these scripts to make it work or to add / configure your own setup: Flightsim.to • Axis and Oh's Templates for Aerosoft CRJ by FltsimFlyboy RPN Scripts for Aerosoft CRJ series » Microsoft Flight Simulator All rotaries work and most autopilot buttons! Gr. Robert CRJ.tmpl
  2. Here is a new template also the zooming on the ND works now on the MCP Combo and a lot of other things also! I am not sure if you need to install this script first: RPN Scripts for Aerosoft CRJ series » Microsoft Flight Simulator if it does not work install it! CRJ.tmpl
  3. Here is a setup for MCP Combo from VR Insight, still adding stuff but autopilot works really well. Also rotary switches HDG ALT SPD BARO VS CRJ.tmpl
  4. I did a flight from EHGG to ENBR en when selected ILS 17 W approach , the sim freezed and CTD Next day I did the same flight and exactly the same happened on the moment I selected the approach. It didn't happen with other airports.
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