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  1. shut up and take my money! where can I apply for a beta
  2. there is a manual you could download and read here: https://www.smartcockpit.com/docs/HGS_00_Pilots_Guide_CRJ_00.pdf
  3. while I han't palyed for a week now I did have your controls installed but also tested with nothing else installed but the CRJ will give it another try!
  4. I do. And actually they are not that long at all. It starts getting worse after 30 minutes. Settings are High but also tested with low settings and that didn’t make a difference. The thing is that this is a new problem. I have the CRJ since release and it started with the latest patch of the sim.
  5. Well yes. Thanks. But that doesn’t solve the problem. It’s limited by main thread. But why only after some time. And why does it get worse over time. And why only in the CRJ? And most importantly: how can I solve it?
  6. I have a rather gamebraking problem with the CRJ since WU7. It's only affecting the CRJ as far as I could test. All the other aircraft I tested seemed to work normally After about 30 minutes of flying, the game starts to get choppy and stuttery. This will increase and get worse the longer the flight is. The game will stutter and the sound drops out. After about 90 minutes it becomes unplayable (1 frame in 2 seconds or so). What I've tried so far: remove all addons (of course) lower grafik settings to minimum reinstall CRJ change from DX11 to DX12 and back I'm running an i7 5820K processor and a GTX2080 GPU Any help would be appreciated If further information is needed I'm glad to give all information I can provide.
  7. How does it look on all the other parking spots at Larnaca? There are about 40 parking positions there... you don't always get a gate at every airport...
  8. Aerosoft will not announce release dates.
  9. cannot recreate this. no freezes or crashs loaded your flightplan selected dep RW01R SID JUGGL1A transission PANSY executed selected arr ILS27-Y no SID transission SDE executed deleted discontinuity between duplicated SDE waypoint by dragging the second SDE waypoint onto the first one everything fine. I use Navigraph
  10. After last update all assistance setting got reset. Also the assisted yoke really acts completely inconsistent. I never figured out what it does exactly and when it does it. But I heard a lot of things like you described relating to it. That’s why it popped into my mind when reading your post. Doesn’t need to be related, but worth a shot.
  11. did you check if the yoke assistance is turned on?
  12. you wouldn't have a second monitor on your left by any chance? MSFS is really bad when trying to detect your mouse being of screen. So if you click on something being at the left screen while the game is in focus and having the EFB open on the "Aircraft" page can result in clicking the "aircraft states" buttons (i.e. "cold and dark").
  13. You can change the controller profile for your mouse to “default” without losing your customized profile and check if it works in the default profile. that way you know if it’s a button setting issue.
  14. And if it’s not that, there is a known bug where click spots might be off to the upper left a bit. there are posts about that too but I can’t help with that, as I don’t have that problem.
  15. It is not “fixing” it, but it’s the normal behavior of the button. In order to push the center button you always need to right click first. Even if the hand symbol is already showing. right click then left click.
  16. Funny you didn’t find anything as there are about a trillion posts about this in the forums here. To keep it short: right click the center of the button first, then left click. And to keep it even shorter: it’s not a bug but a design change on button behavior from Asobo since WU 5.
  17. I never tune the LOC frequency manually, and I never switch the NAV source. It does it all by itself. You can stay in FMS1 and it will capture the localizer and glideslope just fine.
  18. You’d have to ask Asobo why they changed the input system.
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