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  1. Hi, an announcement on Saturdays says v1.0.4 of the CRJ 550/700 is available, but in the store only a link to download 1.0.3 is present. How come? DagH
  2. When adding a STAR/RWY before adding the destination airport, I managed to circumvent the CTD above.
  3. Did not go away with FSUIPC7, unfortunately. Did same sequence 3 times without any other mods loaded but FSUIPC7 (latest version). To recreate: * Startup with default "cold and dark" at gate/ramp ( I start up at ENML at gate, but I don't think that's necessary to recreate) * Switch to "Ready for taxi" on EFB * Go to MCDU->FPLN and add "ENML" as departure airport * Add ENBR as destination airport * Go to MCDU->DEP/ARR * Choose departure GIGI1B, RWY25, EXEC * Choose "ILS 17W" * Complete freeze for a minute and then CTD Freeze happened thr
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