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  1. Thank you for the reply. Glad to hear steering on the water will be implemented. Had me worried that the limitation of the default aircraft would carry over but happy to hear this isn't the case.
  2. It's also not a promising sign that they keep ignoring the question while answering everyone else's questions, it's a simple yes or no answer. Hopefully they say something!
  3. Is the no response to this question an indication we won't be able to steer the floats version on water?
  4. Looking good, can't wait for this. On the floats version, will the water rudders actually work to steer the aircraft on the water? Currently default aircraft and float mods for default aircraft don't allow you to steer in the water making water taxiing useless and impossible. Hopefully you've found a work-around for the twotter?
  5. Even with legacy cockpit option enabled?
  6. Update is great, flies well and many bugs looked fixed. Only problem I found is you can't click on the center of the HDG knob to center the heading bug to your current heading anymor . The option to push it in doesn't come up at all, the cursor just stays in the rotate function to turn the HDG knob
  7. It seems to only really happen with sharper turns and not so much with a shallow banked turn. A good test is KMIA MNATE2 MNATE V3 airway to EYW. The turn at DROWN is sharp enough it should turn too soon and then hunt for the outbound NAV line
  8. Since the initial release and since the last update the CRJ still under-cuts turns in the flight plan then zig zags back to find the nav line. It appeared to be fixed when the latest update released but the more I've flown it, I find it not tracking or calculating the turns properly. I deleted the old crj and did a fresh install and it still zig zags after a turn to find the nav line.
  9. I've found with flex entered and enabled there is no flex detent in the throttle so actually matching n1 flex with the throttles is quite hard to do. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. I think I figured it out. On Perf page 2/3 you have to enter ISA. By default its set to +32. I change that in Celsius only for some reason? ex. I enter +20 and it converts it to enter an ISA value of 68 Fahrenheit. Then I can enter a flex temp (also only in Fahrenheit, ex. 90 flex) and flex is now working.
  11. I've tried at every airport I've flown out of. Basically all over the US and Caribbean. All different types of weather. I tried flex temps of 25, 35, 40, 46, 50 depending on OAT or randomly just for the hell of it to see if I can get anything entered. None have ever been accepted. Tried entering flex temp while at the gate, engines idle or off with the thrust levers in the off detents. I always enter the perf init data first and setup the rest of the FMS before trying to enter a flex temp. The A320N and CJ4 don't have this issue. I can enter flex values for those aircraft just fine. Only this CRJ is an issue.
  12. Yes it does thank you. So I'm not missing anything then. I input the same info but still can't get the flex temp to enter.... Very strange
  13. I just want to know if there are *required* fields that need to be filled in for flex temp to be accepted. As far as I can tell it's a semi-broken feature.. or at least for me completely broken
  14. 46 was the number given by the dude in his tutorials. I also know this number changes. I've followed those videos FMS data entries exactly as he does in the video and when he enters the flex temp it takes it. When I do the same steps as in the video and get to entering the flex temp. It gives me invalid entry. No matter the number. Every single time. Since release day.
  15. Hello, I have never been able to enter a flex temp. I've done everything listed and when I enter a temp (ex. 46) or any value for that matter, I always get 'invalid entry'. I have tried with all data entered into the FMS already, engines at idle / or at cutoff, aircraft loaded, parked and always the invalid entry comes up and the flex temp never allows me to enter it. What am I missing?
  16. Is there a planned update to address this issue? Every time I fly the CRJ it zigzags and chases the NAV line on the PFD after turning. Usually it turns too sharply and undershoots the turn. Then zigzags to try to center itself on the line again. Eventually it settles down. Until the next turn... it's the only thing I find wrong / very annoying with this aircraft. Hopefully they plan to fix this?
  17. So far I really like the CRJ and can't wait for the -900/1000 to come out. I've noticed a few switches in the cockpit only move one way then get stuck and can't be moved back to the opposite position but nothing that is a deal breaker for me. Hopefully they fix this eventually. Plane flies great and is better than anything else I've flown in MFS so far. Nice job.
  18. Ive tried with engines running and engines off, while also having anti ice off and still can't get the temp to enter. Do you mean just have 1 engine off and 1 running? Could this be a bug?
  19. I can't enter a flex temp in the CRJ-550 or CRJ-700. When I try it just says 'not allowed' in yellow at the bottom of the FMS screen. Any idea how to get the FMS to allow me to enter a number value? Ive tried 46, 40, 32, 26 and none will go into the entry section for flex temp.
  20. This happens to me when putting the aircraft into the turnaround state through the EFB
  21. Is there a way to modify the default zoom In the camera cfg?
  22. I agree with the OP on everything he said. Very well said. This is still by far the best aircraft available for MSFS. I hope improvements/ updates come to make it even better.
  23. I had this issue today flying from KMIA--> KEYW turning onto the V3 airway. Turned very sharp despite having bank limit engaged and then chased the NAV line until I just went direct to the next WP, then it straightened out
  24. I guess we'll agree to disagree then. Love the CRJ either way.
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