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  1. Then it`s pretty useless as you cant see the distance measure thing behind the gateway. Alright then. Thanks for the response anyway.
  2. maybe one better view on the problem ...
  3. ok, not the best englisch i guess: Hope pic enclosed makes it clear now. I dont think that these gateways (red circles) are still located at the correct position.
  4. Hope pic enclosed make it´s clear know. I dont think that these gateways are not located right anymore.
  5. Dear folks, it seems that some gateways in EDDM are not correct located now. Pls see pic of affected area enclosed. I think this is due to SU5 by Asobo. I didn´t noticed this problem before SU5. Can you confirm this issue and if so, when will there be an update? Best, Stefan Nirschl
  6. Dear Aerosoft-Team, i know all depends from the asobo team but do you have any idea when weather radar will be availabe in the crj? Sitting in an airline without weather radar isn´t really close to reality. Any info on this would be appreciated, all the best, Stefan Nirschl
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