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  1. Thanks, Otto, Of course my post is for my setup, which I was only able to get working when installing into the 'Docs Addon' folder. I don't have a clue why this is, having tried installing in other locations (not networked), so I'll leave things as they are until a later date, for example, if I re-install P3Dv5 for whatever reason. Thanks again, stay well, and cheers for now.
  2. Clean uninstall of all Airbus done. Installing into "C:\Users\ppats\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons" works. (see attachment .png). Kasperksy Anti-Virus left active. The Airbus installs do not like being loaded anywhere else, even with a Junction link in the "C:\Users\ppats\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons" folder. So, to summarise, don't move it out of the doc addon folder. Cheers for now, and stay well.
  3. Greets from NZCH. Thanks, Dave. I deleted the cfg file just to eliminate it from the process. Cheers, and stay well.
  4. I had previously tried deleting the C:\Users\ppats\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Prepar3D.cfg but it made no difference. I tried loading the P3D v4 version and have encountered the same problem. Is there a fundamental problem with the installers for the new version?
  5. Thanks, Herman Much appreciated. Stay well, stay safe.
  6. Greets from NZCH, Where was this problem moved to? I have spent hours and hours trying to install the 'Bundle' and have the same problem, - the files just do not work within P3D v5. The install runs without any issues, creates folders and files, but does not show in the sim. I have A330 Pro installed without any problems, and cannot see anything (other than no scripts files) which points to a possible installation error. I'm quite certain Aerosoft had not intended for files to be manually integrated into the P3D Simobjects/Airplanes folder. Please direct me to where I can find the solution to bakters' issue. Cheers, and best wishes, Pat.
  7. Hello, Thomas, Thank you for your excellence in a speedy response. I have emailed the log to your support site. Thank you again, Kind regards, Pat.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply Alex, much appreciated. UAC is set at zero, and all running being done as Administrator. Have spent all day trying to get this to work, full uninstall, cleared out all the 'doc' files in FSK, cleared out any registers, re-installed FSK using all install defaults (Ashampoo protection set to off) as Administrator, and still got the same result. I have attached a screenshot which may help, just where on earth does the date 30Dec99 come from? I checked the System BIOS date, and that was correct. It seems that FSUIPC is not 'talking to' FSK when it comes to time recording and analysis. Other stage messages shown where flight stages change, localiser capture etc etc etc all seem to be okay, - with the exception of timings. Thanks again for your kind help and your time. Best regards, Pat.
  9. Hello, and greetings from CHC, New Zealand. Order # 359565 27JUN12 I cannot get any times to show in my log (Start/End/Duration etc). Am I doing something basically wrong with my setup? Version 3.4 in use (recently purchased), and log does not detect either basic FSX aircraft (C172), or PMDG 737-800. Assistance much appreciated, Thanks in advance, Kind regards, Pat.
  10. Bon jour Mathijs, Thank you for expedient reply. I did also consider the piracy angle, and when you consider the credit card fraudsters are always just a few steps behind each and every security measure taken to protect us, whatever is done, will be quickly undone by the 'professional' pirates. It is, and sadly, always will be, an on-going battle! I like the way some other software houses go about their business in terms of support. Namely, if you do not supply order details, you do not get support, as opposed to just registering as a Forum Member. I do try to design my own DVD covers for the products I buy, but, authenticity and accuracy is a key point when I add to my collection. Like most Simmers, we are all too busy with our simming and lives to worry about piracy, especially here in NZ where 'Big Brother' is monitoring Internet activites. Yes, I would be happy be to pay a nominal fee for the DVD Box Cover and CD/DVD artwork as issued with box purchases. Perhaps Aerosoft might consider that as an 'extra'? - But as you quite rightly point out, the pirates (who no doubt, mass produce) will also add that to their arsenal of ill-gotten gains, but sadly, they will always be there! So, perhaps in Aerosoft's future marketing strategy, the artwork may be included or downloaded on proof of purchase? All the best for every success in 2012, Pat
  11. Greetings, and a Happy New Year to all from Christchurch, NZ. I don't know what other folks would like to see included in the downloads we buy, but it would be really nice to have the box and DVD/CD artwork included with the download, so that when creating installation discs, we can also create nice looking DVD/CD artwork to finish off our investment. Leonardo Software included it with their absolutely brilliant Fly The Mad Dog, and it does give a 'feel-good' factor that the product purchased is complete with artwork. Perhaps there is somewhere they can be downloaded from, but I cannot find them. All thoughts and offers kindly welcomed and accepted. Best regards, Pat.
  12. Hello Shaun, Thanks for posting a reply, much appreciated. I think I will take some time & try to fully understand the implications of what I might be undertaking, - (Always jittery about playing with dll's. The program seems to work okay, do you think it's best to let sleeping dogs lie? Kind regards, Pat.
  13. Hello Mark, Thanks for your reply. I will monitor it and if anything unusual crops up, I will post it here. My version was downloaded from Aerosoft on-line, and I wasn't expecting any trouble/bother. Cheers and thanks once again, Pat.
  14. Greetings from Earthquake City, New Zealand. When installing FSC8, an error window reports: Self-Registration Error The following files did not self-register, or un-register: 1. E:\Windows\SysWOW64\mfc40.dll An event was unable to invoke any of the subscribers To continue, click OK; otherwise, click Cancel What does it mean, and does it affect any of the program functionality? See attachment. Opsys: Win 7 (x64) Thanks, Pat.
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