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  1. Getting ever closer to piloting this beauty 👌🏾 Wonderful Job on the livery 🔥
  2. EDDK has a detailed terminal similar to this, not sure if Jo was also the developer for that one but you'll be surprised at how fps friendly the airport is, given the moving people inside and other details. I don't even have a top end setup and the FPS hit is minimal, so I trust Mathijs when he says MSFS is less problematic with these kinds of visuals.
  3. Will this have animated passengers within the terminal like the other aerosoft sceneries such as EDDK or their Bonaire TNCB sceneries? They're surprisingly FPS friendly and make the airport feel that much more alive 😉
  4. How far along are we now is the question 🤔
  5. I was wondering how progress for these was coming along as there hadn't been an update for a while now. Looking great! I assume it is only the CRJ900 featured in these pics?
  6. Looking forward to your SA Express release (if it's still in the works). There's one on flightsim.to that while it's a good effort, it's still missing a lot of details and it seems the author has made the final update.
  7. True, but you should still have a go at uploading your version so that people have the option to choose which livery seems better, plus you could see which details are missing in the liveries there then implement them in your own creation 🙂
  8. Hi, I was directed to this community to make livery requests and I'm hoping I'm in the right place? If so, I'm sincerely hoping somebody could take on this SA Express livery so that regional flights in Southern Africa will be a whole lot more immersive 😁 Either of these versions would be great 👍
  9. Yeah I thought it would be a stretch anyways 😅 and yeah they did, hopefully someone can make the livery for it one day.
  10. Would be awesome for some regional Africa trips if this bad boy is among the liveries 😁
  11. Where are the forums? Are they safe? Are they alright?
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