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  1. are you using the ingame button assignment only? I had those problems while having AAO not properly installed and double button assignments being active.
  2. Gleiches problem habe ich auch, aber es wird schon früher oder später kommen wenn es in einer woche noch nicht da ist würde ich nochmal anrufen Bezüglich des Bravos habe ich den Kundenservice auch schon ein paar mal gefragt. natürlich sind mit der letzten Lieferung von Honeycomb sowohl Alpha als auch Bravo angekommen. Hierbei werden aber auf Grund des großen bestell-Aufkommens noch Bestellungen aus dem letzten Jahr bedient. es kommt also ein wenig darauf an wann du deinen Bravo bestellt hast. soweit ich weiß und informiert wurde war die nächste Lieferung für ende April angekündigt, das könnte sich aber etwas verzögern da sich ein größeres schiffchen mal so eben quer gestellt hat kann man nur hoffen das der container nicht auch noch auf diesem Schiff war, dann dauerts nämlich noch viel länger.
  3. ah to bad, but thanks for the answer
  4. I've seen this Picture (from the main development thread): And beeing in the cockpit and not seeing the Sun visor I was wondering how to apply sun v isors in the CRJ 700 and 550. I have been looking through the manuals but could'nt find anything maybe I'm missing something very simple, help would be much appreciated as the sun brightness is sometimes really bothering me.
  5. So I just made a quick video on the wind noise I hear with the hints of @FW. Schultz this does not sound right to me either and feels just like I left a window or the door open.
  6. And I think you might be right, but if you do the Math again, you would be at 12:60. this could be 12CET or 1 pm CET. 1pm would also fit with filberts stream. reasons for that: 1. there is still restrictions for youtubers and streamers. they got their copy early but are not allowed to do anything until release. 2. he definitely got his copy, cause otherwise he couldnt have scheduled that live stream 3. for giving away a free copy the plane needs to be released Based on that and filberts scheduled live stream, my guess would be its getting released somewhere between now and 1 pm CET
  7. My guess would be somewhere between 9AM and 12AM CET. But then Mathijs said its going to be released at the same time in the ingame marketplace which would mean somewhere between 5pm and 8pm CET. lets just hope its not going to take until 9pm like the notification of the release date.
  8. I'm patiently waiting for the CRJ to come out Today! Greetings from Kiribati
  9. Dear Aerosoft team, Let me start this off by thanking you guys at Aerosoft for doing such a great job with flight simulation content. We have seen great stuff over the past few years. But something is missing here... Fully functional Business Jets that are not only nice to look at but do also have a working FMS and a fully modeled Cabin. Let me get this right, Study level would be great but I know its hard to achieve so the core systems that are needed to fly IFR on Vatsim would be enough for the start (Hold Features, Vnav, P-Rnav, Navigraph Charts Integration, terrain and weather radar, etc.) So far there is two business jets in MSFS 2020 with one being modified by Working title and the other one having locked files by ASOBO and is therefore more or less not flyable because of missing integrations. And while there is business Jets on the market, there is none where everything comes together there is always something missing, either there is no cabin or the cabin is just poorly modified. ..or we have Carenados planes that are nice too look at but do not have the systems to really enjoy flying them and to have a great time learning all the procedures one can do with the systems. so what is my request: Im requesting short-, mid- and long range Business jets for MSFS2020 that do have a near study level cockpit and systems and have a fully modeled interior with working entry and interior doors, tables, etc. examples for Short- and Mid range Jets I would like to see: - Beechcraft Premier 1 - Bombardier challenger 850 SE - Cessna 510 Mustang - LearJet 40 to 75 - Dassault Falcon 10 and 20 - Embraer Legacy 450 and 500 - Embraer phenom 100 and 300 - Gulfstream 100 to 200 - HondaJet - Hawker 400XP and 800 XP examples for Long Range Jets I would like to see: - Embraer Legacy 650 - Embraer Lineage 1000E - Bombardier GlobalExpress 5500 to 7000 - Gulfstream G550 to G650 and G650ER - Dassault Falcon 50, 8X and 900EX please give us a Business jet that we can fly across the Pond without fuel stops I'd pay a lot of money for that . Thanks for consideration, Kind regards
  10. If I had to take a wild guess for the release date, its probably the day "The Dude" releases the Landing Episode
  11. that video was over so quick, I really hoped he would be taking off today.. now I'll have to wait another 24hours
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