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  1. oh my, exactly the answer I was searching for I noticed same exact issue today.
  2. hm, had the same thing, but today I tested it and problem is gone. i wonder what the reason for such behavior was, I have nothing else mapped to throttle.
  3. so preordering it now in Aerosoft shop will get me where in terms of back order queue/waiting time? will it be 2022 already or also this spring as for others who already preordered? just wandering what to do... buy something else or wait for Bravo.
  4. speed mode is a vertical mode of operation, so first you set the altitude you want to get to and then engage speed mode - FD will command AP to get to selected altitude at your given speed (either by climbing or descending, you'll see CLB or DES in PFD annunciator area). with this mode of operation you'll notice your VS being the variable set by FD to achieve your target speed. on the other hand if you climb or descend in VS mode you set your target VS and your speed is the variable that will arrive at some value (not controlled directly by you) to achieve proper VS. so basically two ways of achieving the same thing, you just control different parameter leaving the other in the hands of FD and physics i hope i made it clear enough, just yesterday was trying to understand speed mode, because it's not really what you might expect it to be. important thing to remember is that it is vertical mode of operation, not horizontal (so setting it up to 300kts in the cruise phase won't make the aircraft travel with this speed; that you may achieve only with your throttle operation, which in CRJ is left in pilot's hands with no automatic control). speed mode will disengage itself automatically after reaching selected altitude (similarly to VS mode), after which FD will switch to ALT HOLD mode, which basically means that if you forget to lower the throttle after climb, the aircraft will level of and your speed will go through the red roof cheers, Hubert.
  5. yeah, was surprised by what's happening when I loaded the plane for the first time
  6. is it confirmed somewhere (manual, forums) or you're just guessing?
  7. you may select default state in which plane is spawn on the same EFB page, just below possible states (last button bottom right), clicking multiple times will take you through all possible states, leave the one you want.
  8. that was due to supposedly known icing bug, someone recommended making icing effects visual only and all seems fine after he changed it.
  9. you Sir are not correct, watching one (FilbertFlies) with ~632 right now
  10. what should be bought to use it for Aerosoft CRJ / MSFS version as shown on the photo? the linked page has lots of options to choose from but what should be chosen is quite vague...
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