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  1. Hi, I am having the same issue. I checked the path in the exe.xml and that’s all correct. Is there any news on that front? Any ideas?
  2. I noticed that as well yesterday, single cue FD is off by a few degrees. Didn’t check the dual cue though.
  3. SU5 is scheduled for end of July, that’s more than a month from now. Edit: I should add that I don’t think anyone said it will come with SU5. I’m sure they fix it sooner than that actually.
  4. Not saying there aren’t any issues but I think if you take some time and actually learn how to fly it you will enjoy it quite a bit. It’s a bit more work than the FBW A320, for example, but it’s not a waste of money. There are issues that are a bit frustrating but there have been some updates already that improved it and it’s gonna get better. Again, just have to be willing to learn the aircraft.
  5. You can also just enter the ZFW directly.
  6. That’s a bug in the sim, not specific to the CRJ. Try toggling between external and cockpit view a couple times, it should solve it — at least it worked for me.
  7. I flew out of KMRY (default) before and didn’t have that issue. That was before the latest MSFS update, though.
  8. I don’t think you need to apologize, that’s still a bug? Luckily you also have a workaround
  9. I second this. Turn anticipation needs improvement. Here’s an example (PADRZ SID out of KSAN):
  10. Try what I wrote 2 posts up it works for me all the time.
  11. I set the radio to standby, read back clearance, set squawk thru the FMS and then turn radio to 1. Works for me without issues.
  12. Have you overclocked CPU, GPU or RAM? If so, I’d set everything to factory settings.
  13. Can you try with just keyboard and mouse connected? Just to see if the engine stays on. If that doesn’t work I would try to reset the CRJ maybe?
  14. That sounds like a controller assignment issue. I remember someone else having that problem and he was using the HC Alpha yoke.
  15. Just to clarify, I think the issue discussed here isn’t the dive from the first version. It’s that the plane just can’t hold the G/S and drops below it. I had no ILS working properly since the update as well. It really surprises me that you don’t have this issue at all.
  16. The pitot heating actually turns on automatically, even with the switches in off positions.
  17. I believe the update is available in the marketplace, I heard from others that bought there that got the update. Might wanna check again.
  18. Sorry, why don’t you have the latest update? It fixed a lot of FPS issues I had. I have the store MSFS version as well. Edit: maybe just to clarify, you don’t have the latest MSFS version or the latest CRJ version? Either way, both updates improved FPS.
  19. Adding more power will not help, you need to pitch down and descend to gain airspeed when you’re that slow. When you’re back at around 290 knots you can start climbing back up again. There is also an issue when spoilers can be deployed without showing it on the lever in the cockpit. It can happen if you have the axis assigned and pause the game AFAIK. Sometimes worth to just move the lever to make sure they’re really retracted.
  20. I’m sure you checked this, but is your flight model set to modern? Also make sure you don’t get any control input while AP is on. Sometimes you need to increases the deadzone on your axis.
  21. I don’t ever have VNAV coupled and I experience the issues with GS. So I don’t think that’s it...
  22. I don’t use streamdeck or flighttracker. But mobiflight itself works with the CRJ, I use it with a button box I built myself.
  23. Yeah same here. Seems to be a bug.
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