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  1. Yeah I've programmed everything via the configurator except the Axis. You can do either, the benefits of doing it inside the sim is with XP you can assign it to auto load profiles based on the selected aircraft, whereas via the configurator you have to manually change the profile. The reason I do it via the configurator is the main aircrafts I like to fly have some custom datarefs that need to be written to (as there is no commands that can be used to do what I want) and to my understanding if your using the in sim controls you can only assign commands to a button press and no
  2. Thst sounds wrong, I believe I use the sim/aircraft/autopilot/heading_mode dataref and you just need to find out what the value for nav mode is, then set that as the value for the button press. I'm in bed myself now so can't check mine but I can have a look tomorrow.
  3. I have created an image to help explain what I mean, in the median that all ideas should be explained via. MSPaint... The yellow line is our example, so in this example 8 activations of the increase button would cause the command to repeat 15 times, The scale could be adjustable by the user, choosing to allow either a linear scale, or customise it to have a move slower rise at the start to a much steeper rise as you go on. It could be potentially fully customisable by the user able to choose the period of time for the scale, in this example I used per 500ms, the maximum amount of ac
  4. Okay feel free to let me know of any steps you want me to try (preferably other than a complete reinstall of MSFS as my internet speed is nothing to brag about installing it the first time took 3 days).
  5. What command have you set the nav button to?
  6. I understand some things may be limited by the technology in the hardware and I appreciate the interaction with the community, my main goal is the encourage the community to get involved with feedback, Spitball some ideas of how to make the configurator and by extension our hardware better. I will have to look into Carl's suggestion for how to get a variable repeat for different modes, thats interesting. As far as the limitation between it being a button and not an encoder, could a system of counting time between button activations not be used, so for example when fine
  7. I've just downloaded the new configurator, and the new repeat settings are an improvement to the INCR/DECR dial, but I still feel like it isn't the right solution. The problem is you need to leave a noticible pause between each notch to find tune or it activates the repeat and jumps past where i'm trying to set it. I was hoping we'd see it work on a principle of how quickly we're turning the dial, so if i'm turning it one click at a time it would be fine tune, but if I turn it like 180 degrees in one motion, it would increase the speed at which the value changes. If that makes sense.
  8. 1) That is simple enough to do, you just set the conditions to result in the light always being off. 2) I havn't played much with the new configurator to be able to say yet about that. 3) Okay just had a play around with the new repeat settings, I see what you mean, that is most likely something that needs to be changed by AS/Honeycomb, but would need enough demand from the playerbase. 4) I think this is something that is not possible with the current configurator, if there is enough demand it is maybe something we will see introduced, the only way I could see it maybe working is if t
  9. The file is found here; C:\Users\jaiim\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache It seems the issue is not just isolated to me, i've posted looking for solutions on the Honeycomb Users Group facebook page, and a few others have had the same issue.
  10. Good morning, My AFC_Bridge.exe does not load itself when the client loads, I have attached my exe.xml. I have followed all of the steps suggested in this other thread, Like others in that thread, if I manually load the plugin once the simulator is running it works after I reload the flight, but it doesn't auto-load on startup. I have the Windows Store version via the XBOX Game Pass. I have followed the steps of reinstalling, deleting the exe.xml and reinstalling, installing as an admin and without, still nothing. exe.xml
  11. Have to agree here, can't fly atm without the bridge crashing my sim, i'm a little disappointed that it's as far away as it is, as recent posts made it sound like it's days away from release, but now your saying it still needs wrapping into an installer and then to go through QC? Or are we discussing only QC'ing the installer, not the entire configurator?
  12. I'm curious if this is possible with the current configurator, and if not, is it something to be considered for future updates. I want to be able to do a condition check under a condition check, for example... Right now I have my S550 profile, the yoke buttons are set up to operate as multifunction buttons depending on the position of the magneto switch, using the condition: INT:MAG_SELECTOR, string and value: B (for the both position on the switch), currently this is set to issue the command: sim/igniters/igniter_contin_on_2 so I can switch the continuous ignition on d
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Honeycomb Alpha Flight Control Template for Carenado Cessna Citation II S550, install via pasting the .json file to <X-Plane Install Directory>\Resources\plugins\AFC_Bridge\honeycomb_profiles This template is designed to be used in conjunction with it's sister template for the Honeycomb Bravo. S550_Profile_Description.pdf
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant Template for Carenado Cessna Citation II S550, install via pasting the .json file to <X-Plane Install Directory>\Resources\plugins\AFC_Bridge\honeycomb_profiles This template is designed to be used in conjunction with it's sister template for the Honeycomb Alpha. S550_Profile_Description.pdf
  15. I changed the USB C cable and also changed the USB port it was connected to, unfortunately it crashed still, strangely it seems to now do it at almost the same exact spot, just overhead Southampton right as i'm either just starting to climb, or already climbing from my initial clearance altitude, at the time it crashed this time I had just changed my altitude pre-selector to 7000 feet and was in the process of switching to the IAS selector to change my climb speed. Weirdly since my original post, I left the sim running for around 2 and a half hours just sat on the ground, and no issues, i
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