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  1. A little teaser of the groundpoly. taken with p3d. Jetways/Airbridges (some could clarify once how it's call????) are going to be position that weekend. Soon we will publish some photos of the whole project with it's VAS resaults- I think you are going to love what you will see, both quality and performance. Regards.
  2. We are just about to complete the new and final version of the Groundpoly, place the jetways/airbridges and we will publish that. Otherwise, it will give you all the impression no progress. A little bit more patient. It's big project and like everything we (GayaSim) started, it's will come to it's end with exciting result and experience. I remind all we still not have a 64bit simulation platform, so we are taking it really serious to keep the sensitive balance between the quality and the performance. I invite you all to check our Genoa and Kilimanjaro sceneries (published by Aerosoft of course) to see how we keep that "famous" balance. Thanks for the credit you give us. I promise all it will worth that. Gayasim.
  3. Thanks for that, although we know exactly how the scenery is gonna look like (actually all the 3d already done and in it's position). The development now is focusing on the GrounPoly- We see it as one of the most important thing at any scenery, because it's the "model" you, the user, will see the most. It's most be perfect and super realistic, hence we put so much efforts on that. So, I hope not long from today we will show you the beauty of the scenery we are about to release. Like other products we made, and even with the upcoming 64bit version of the P3D, we see it really important to optimize and give you super efficient and flyable airport. it's big airport, and we focus on every detail to be well optimize and "economic". You can check our last scenery, Aerosoft Genoa X, and see exactly what im talking about. Have a great weekend captains, GayaSIm.
  4. Thanks for that, We know and will definitely redesign it accordingly. However, this airport (like many other worldwide) having and facing changes: buildings demolish while new ones comes. On that cases, we doing what we call "situation freeze" to pinpoint a date over the timeline the scenery will refer to. Soon we will show you exactly which new buildings have their ticket in, and which not. which of the old ones stayed with us and which not (the iconic satellite building and the old tower are there). A lot to waiting for. We working on it really hard. We know it's long time and we appreciate you patient. Not so long before, we started working on that project in some kind of "full time job", and im pretty sure soon you will see that. Like our other sceneries (Genoa X and Kilimanjaro), you can except well optimize and flyable airport (We also know and waiting for the 64bit p3d.....). Regards,
  5. Work In Progress.... Still got work to do but developing running smooth...
  6. Please note- even though the satellite building and the old tower building having massive constructions/demolish, we think those are major and iconic parts of the airport, hence decided to model it as well. However, we considering to make it "user define" so you could turn on/off part of it- yet do decide, but that's the main idea.
  7. As the lead of the development team of that scenery, I didn't know about the postpone
  8. The scenery will include the airport and it's immediate surrounding, include some of the famous spotting points
  9. Just to inform you the whole project is already modeled (all in all). Since it's big airport just inside big city, and the characteristics of the airport are using mostly big and complex aircrafts (airbus, boeing etc...), we are now making the checks to make sure the quality-performance balance is keeping on the best way so it will not just look amazing, but more important than that- it will be flyable. you can expect to see the whole pictures within the upcoming weeks. a little more patient....
  10. Hey, The development is going well. It's big airport and it's take some time since we model and developing it from scratch. After we earned some experience of marketing/PR we decide to show only images from inside the sim- what you will see it's what you will get (Punish? who/when.why? we are not a school teacher ). As a simmer for more than 21 years, i'm pretty sure you will love what you will get. I know it's hard to wait, and I know the hope to see the thread of the scenery you waiting for climbed up to the top of the forum with exciting photos. On one of the next news we will open a new and fresh thread for Mega Airport Brussels. Thanks for your support and tail wind. Raz, GayaSIm
  11. Yes it is. In continue to the last time I publish some WIP screenshots, we decided to publish images from inside the sims only to avoid misunderstanding. I do confirm we are already done with the 3D work and the developing now is focus on position the objects and other scenery elements as well as optimization (like always). You can expect screens soon. Raz.
  12. Without be too much emotional I can tell you it's disappointing to understand people are not understand what is WIP/Pre-alpha etc. anyway, it's a great lesson for us. At the bottom line I can tell you Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels will be one of the most exciting and amazing scenery you will see and fly, as well as our other projects. Razgo.
  13. It seems that it never mind how many time you will write WIP /simple render NOT from the sim or with any other kind of effect/from the work-desk etc, still someone will not get it. I will clarify- all the images on the last posts are totally WIP and from inside Blender. It's mean no any kind of manipulation has implement here. Just to explain it better- when we export it from the 3d software to the simulators (p3d of fsx), the graphic engine of each platform make "internal" render for the models according to it's parameters and the user settings, and this is totally not the case here. think about it as a quick view to my desktop At the bottom line- my conclusion is to publish images only of final things and from inside the simulators only.
  14. Hey, I think it's good time to show some "real" progress, focusing on the main terminals. All the images are really default and simple renders- not manipulated and missing the render and effect of the graphic engine of P3D/FSX. Like the wind of Aerosoft- feeling comfort to share with you the developing progress. Really soon the 3d work will be done and all this stuff (including all the small cars, tractors etc) are going to compile and export to the sims. exciting! isn't it? **Remind you- it's all WIP screenshots**
  15. The developing is going very well. We will update you with new and fresh stuff soon.
  16. Keukenrol and Pieter666- can you please send me a map or any info you have about the buildings which are not with us any more and the major changes you mentioned? Thanks.
  17. Hello Jo Erlend.

    Im Raz, the head of GayaSimulation.

    I have just sent you skype contact.

    I will appriciate you will contact back.



    Raz Goeta


  18. I can just say it's totaly on the right way of developing. As mention before- it's new developing from scratch, but it's going very well. Raz
  19. Totaly on the right track and developing just according the work plan and schedule. Preview will come soon.
  20. Thanks for that. As I'v mention before, right now we are not facing and gaps with the reference info. Having said that, and as we all know this airport (like many others) having majors changings all the time. Hence, if you have any "good stuff" (LOL) feel free to email me at : razgoeta@gayasim.com . We really hope to show you some exciting images of the new version of Mega Airport Brussels
  21. Apuneger- thanks alot for your superb (!) screens. I'm sure you all will love to see this big and nice sign from air along the approach!
  22. Thanks for that info. We will take this into consideration on our development. Altough we have huge stuff from and about the airport, it will be good to get any news like that plus pictures.
  23. iv also did a download speed test in other links on the web, and its work fine with 1.4MBPS, and in the airbus X file it's still on 19kbps! its very bad feeling! edit- iv tried to download another file than tha AIRBUS X installation file from the aerosoft server iand its work fine, but the airbus file is stuck in 20kbps..... do you have another sever to download it?
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