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  1. Good Morning Mathijs I have a question regarding your sentence “We are trying to find the limits of what the sim can do” Since the new flight simulator and the always improving scenery, I was wondering, where is the limit or what is reasonable to implement. For example: Do you think, that in the next couple of years we will have scenery which work together with an aerosoft plane? I imagine something like standing in Brussels with my A330 and clicking on a button. Suddenly I see people getting up from there seats, boarding the plane trough the bridge and taking a seat in my airplane. Maybe even hearing pre-recorded announcements when I have a look inside the terminal. What do you or others here think, will the future of scenery’s look like? From a visual stand point, I can’t see it getting any better.
  2. Could we maybe get some more recent pictures or videos of the airport? Does it still stand, that you will release in Q1?
  3. Dear Aerosoft team, first of all, I want to say that the Twin Otter is amazing and i am very pleased with what you have created During my first few try's I have noticed one bug and a modeling issue. Maybe it is possible to fix both of them in the next update. Other than these two issues, there where no probles so far. First Problem: Twin Otter Skydive When I open the back door of the skydive version and then change into the outside view, there will be a window floating in the air (see picture). I reloaded the aircraft multiple times at different locations but it always happens. Second Problem: Twin Otter Float short nose This might be a little bit difficult to fix. The main passangers door of the short nose twotter is not modelled correctly. In the real life twotter, the door does not go down like the one with the long nose. It is rather a car like door, which opens to the side (see pictures) The door is really difficult to see, but I hope it will help to fix the problem. I also found this video, where you can see the door in the first few seconds really good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWAfCzViVl8 If this link does not work for any reason, the titel of the video is: Life as a Seaplane Pilot Trans Maldivian Airways Gopro Pov HD Thank you in advance
  4. Did you try to restart the game? When I started it, it gave me the option to buy the update right away.
  5. Hey Sascha, if you want to update your aircraft, airports etc. ingame, you should try the following: 1.) Go to the opening screen of the game 2.) Click on Profile 3.) Content manager (German: Inhaltsmanager) 4.) Update available (German: Update verfügbar) There you will see all available updates. I hope this helps with your problem
  6. Would it be possible to create something like Maldives X from FSX for MSFS? It would be a great add-on for the upcoming Twin Otter Floating Version 😊
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