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  1. I'm was having a similar issue but the autopilot eventually found it's way down to the FD and now its normal. Still a bit odd though
  2. "use vertical speed mode" Meanwhile, vertical speed mode (FYI, had to disconnect the autopilot, it never decided to change the attitude/VS): Also, the plane was well within weight and CG limits in the EFB and I clicked "send to sim" multiple times to ensure it sent properly.
  3. I agree. I'd like to see this issue acknowledged as its a very frequently used feature.
  4. I understand what you're saying, but I still think it's not a crazy request that the AP should be able to handle an ILS realistically
  5. Any real CRJ pilots/CRJ experts: How well does the plane fly as it drops below Vref in the flare? Did a test yesterday to see how it would handle and I was able to hold the flare (10-20 feet above the ground) until about 24 knots BELOW ref, at a somewhat normal 3-5 degree pitch attitude. I have a video if it helps but something seems odd about this to me as I can't imagine the plane should still fly like this 24 knots below Vref.
  6. Not a real CRJ pilot but this makes a lot of sense and also explains why the advisory vnav did some weird things. Really hope it gets fixed
  7. I'm not sure that thread is exactly the same. I've also had the issue mentioned here where the plane is perfectly trimmed, right in the FD and the nose jolts upwards the second I engage AP in a climb before correcting.
  8. I've had this issue as well. I don't know if it starts the ALTS CAP too early or if it just reduces the vertical speed too abruptly but it takes forever to capture an altitude (as the OP showed in the video)
  9. To be specific, last airplane I bought on release was the inibuilds a300 and there were bugs, though it could track an ILS fine so I wouldn't say "comparable" bugs
  10. I answered it now. For the record, I never said bugs aren't allowed, but this bug is pretty frustrating especially when people on here try to defend that it's okay
  11. I wouldn't say "newbie," but I haven't bought THAT many airplanes day 1. Is it so hard to admit maybe you were wrong about the real plane when you said this:
  12. ^this. I don't know what classifies as "similar complexity" because the systems seem to be really good but then certain autopilot functions have issues. I'm not saying it's unacceptable to have issues 2 weeks after release, I understand the bugs and am glad to see work being done. But why try to justify them as the crj flaps mean the autopilot can't track the ils while changing configs instead of admitting the bug?
  13. I'm actually a real world pilot to be fair, not an airline pilot however. But I can watch videos of the CRJ and learn that the autopilot can handle config changes on an ILS. Additionally, I've used general aviation autopilots that do a much better job that the AS CRJ currently does on an ILS. None of that matters to be fair, I just dont get why the argument was made that the CRJ flaps somehow affect the real airplane's ability to do an AP ILS. I even posted videos here that showed the CRJ autopilot doing amazing irl...
  14. Well "the first complex addon for MSFS" should be able to do that imo. I'm not asking for anything perfect but at least pretty good. And if not, acknowledge it openly that it's not up to par in that regard yet. But please dont make up facts about the airplane to support the bugs
  15. Maybe you're right, the real CRJ has a pretty terrible autopilot and you have to disconnect it if you wanna add flaps while on an ILS...
  16. Tracking a glideslope is a very core functionality of an airplane. A $50 addon should be able to fly a semi-decent ILS on autopilot.
  17. Well I thought the real world cockpit videos of the ILS would maybe help people believe the capabilities of the airplane (as if real pilots aren't enough) but I suppose not after reading that post
  18. I agree with what you're saying and I'm glad you're enjoying it. But maybe you shouldn't be telling people that the flap design of the CRJ means the AP can't do certain things, especially with multiple real CRJ pilots commenting in this thread. Just my .02, I'm not a real CRJ pilot but I listen to what they say about the airplane.
  19. if you keep even VREF+5 in the AS CRJ on landing, it'll float forever I find
  20. this one is timestamped. Flaps 20 in the ILS and then extending flaps with AP on and speed slowing down significantly. My apologies for the links but I think this is video proof that an autopilot can handle config changes
  21. Flaps change at 10 seconds and speed is changing too. Glideslope remains dead on
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