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  1. Emil you've put tons of details to this island. Made impressive apron illumination, but the runway-lights still seem to be native FS. Pls don't stop at 99,95% of development We've seen with HESH how impressive lights can appear. cheers
  2. Hi Oliver you are the man! works like a charm now. ty, cheers
  3. hi guys, any new solutions for those who never had any traffic tool, but issues like shown before? cheers
  4. seems, i am not alone with my problem, but i can tell you, i've never had AES. I hope this Airport works proper without this tool.
  5. Hi Herman, i have never installed any EDDM scenery! took some screens (and skipped most of the "air" bmp files)
  6. Hi Otto, ty for your sympathies to investigate, deactivating FTXCentral sounded promising, but sadly did'nt make any difference. cheers
  7. Hi Oliver, ty, for your reply. I've never installed any traffic-tool! (IVAO member), In my Sim Germany is typified by Aerosoft EDDH, EDDF and EDDM airports. Next within the radius: LOWI X and Austria Professional X. Could they mess up EDDM? Btw. i asked myself, there are many bridges and level differences in this Munich scenery, the most do their job as their should, apart from N1 to N4 and S5 to S8, that's weird, isn't it? If it's necessary: Mesh is FS Gobal X "Standard Edition" Pilot's box [v1.03 R3 from Sept. 15th 2007; SP1 should be included, developers readme says] platform: FSX@SP2 cheers
  8. Meanwhile i've installed Munich X once more, made some changes with the Mesh-sliders in FSX, but it sadly doesn't make any difference. Btw. the installer registers this scenery in my library as shown in my new attached pic. And i noticed a further bleeding through texture along the rail [screenshot 2] I am out of ideas, i hope you guys find the reason. cheers
  9. disabled FSG, this bug still occur. there is not much different scenery left to charge than munich X!
  10. No, i didn't meant the Jetways. The blue framed textures (new screenshot) shouldn't be there. It looks by now more like mole traffic is digging through ground-texture than being a tunnel-construction.
  11. Hi, there is an issue at all aircraft bridges: Haven't installed any scenery than FSG08 in this area. cheers NickE
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