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  1. Absolutely welcome! Glad to hear you're also enjoying the wonderful landscape and environment too!
  2. I see you went with a similar choice of aircraft! It's quite breathtaking isn't it, I've spent the afternoon flying about exploring and I've barely scratched the surface with this! Glad to hear you're enjoying it too
  3. It's suggesting that from ENE you need to self vector to the procedure so sync the heading bug, go to Heading Mode and then turn the aircraft using that to navigate round to intercept the ILS 🙂
  4. Thanks for all the hard work Aerosoft! Really pleased to hear it's been patched and fixed - look forward to flying it again soon!
  5. Awesome to hear the 550/700 is fixed and almost ready to be patched - thanks for the hard work by you and your team, but a mighty shame about the 900/1000!
  6. Great explanation, much appreciated! They've basically re-written half the base code so it was expected that a lot may be broken or affected by this update and whilst frustrating, you are clearly sharing that frustration with us too in trying to fix it for us so we can return to enjoying the fabulous CRJ! We appreciate all the work you and the team are doing, and continue to do!
  7. Looking like you're making some amazing progress now - nice to see it in sim with fantastic screenshots and videos coming through to us too! Thanks!
  8. Aerosoft have absolutely nailed this wonderful CRJ and it's by a LONG stretch my favourite aircraft in MSFS - it'll take some beating too! I wanted to share a few images from today's livestream as we flew from Stockholm Arlanda to Krakow with MSFS Live Weather (the TAF was one of the worst I've seen for a while with forecast thunderstorms, rain, hail, and variable gusts up to 55kts).
  9. Think they said just a few responses back that it's not going to be released any time sooner than August but that "the project is on track".... It'll come when it comes :)
  10. The Third and Final episode of my mini-series (re-recorded) has gone live today! In this final episode, we'll look at descent planning, adding the STAR and approaches into the FMS/CDU and flying an ILS approach into Rotterdam! Hope those of you who watch the episodes have found them really useful and informative... I'm REALLY looking forward to the CRJ900/1000 release now!
  11. I can't add this to the Episode 1 post sadly as it seems to be a limitation of the forum however, I hope you all enjoyed the first episode of 3! Today, Episode 2 has gone live for all to see and enjoy and you can watch it by clicking the link below
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