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  1. I’m staying at home for once which hopefully means I can fly the Twin Otter.🤗
  2. Hopefully the doors will work on the Twin Otter because they don’t seem to work on the BLACKBOX BN-2 Islander nor do they work on the Captain Sim 777. (XBOX) Cool liveries btw😀
  3. My first flight will be from Sint Maarten to Saint Barthélemy with the WinAir livery. Or from Glasgow to Barra with the FlyBe livery.
  4. Will the Twin Otter release on the same date on Xbox as on PC or will there be further development for it to work on the Xbox?
  5. Will the Twin Otter ever come to Xbox? Can’t wait to get my hands on it when it releases!
  6. Is there an estimated release date for the CRJ on Xbox?
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