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  1. I am a casual flight simmer and this is exactly that sort of aircraft I like. And especially for the mentioned activities. I like to visit places I have been before and so on. So a reasonable price is besides nice Modeling an important factor for me. Though it should be a bit deeper than the Blackbox BN2 Islander. I think people like me like the idea of being able to have the controls on every knob, even, if we don’t use them
  2. Heard today that Sim Update 4 shall improve Turboprop behaviour. Looking forward
  3. I am really excited for this one. as there are some other Greek islands already announced or released by Gaya and Justsim, it would be great for Chania to fit in Island Hopping.
  4. Dear Mathijs, as I am a beginner in flight simulation, I would love to see the Msfs checklist feature in the CRJ. I mean the feature, that focuses the camera on knobs, buttons and switches to push. Is it implemented?
  5. I would love to see German Airfields in MSFS and POIs. Especially cities like Cologne or Frankfurt would benefit considerably from the POIs.
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