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  1. Looking forward to the date I can fly this bird. I got my Hawaiian shirt and Caribbean music ready😅 Going to spend so much time island hoping in tropical areas with this plane, now all that’s needed is some tropical airports and other locations. Quick question I had was, how difficult would you say it is to operate this plane? Like is it on par with the CRJ or easier?
  2. Look forward to this plane so much! I got into island hoping with the C208 and BN-2 in the sim, now I can’t wait to do it in one of if not the best island hoppers. Been watching so many videos of these planes landing at island destinations and can’t wait to replicate it in this plane!
  3. So this has happened for the 4th flight for me and results in me having to use the heading selector to finish flights. During flight the first 2/3 of the flight with nav mode in for autopilot everything is fine and working as intended. Right around the 2/3rd mark in the flight my plane develops a wobble like the nose moves left and right a lot and the back of the plane does the opposite. It’s like a fish swimming motion but not dramatic but noticeable. At the same time nav mode while active no longer will do not follow any of the autopilot and flight plan inputs. Switching to heading fixes it and stops the wobble as well as allowing me to guide the plane on somewhat autopilot. However if I turn back on nav mode to problem returns. So with nothing seeming to be wrong at all for so much of these flights until the last third that I don’t know what could be causing this to consistently happen. If anyone has any ideas please let me know, I have read through the manual and everything looks right to me, but I still don’t know why this problem keeps happening on the last 3rd of my flight. Edit- Ok someone just told me on another forum the nav problem could be caused by discontinuity in my flight plan and since I have been importing plans, I’ll have to type it in manually and see if it fixes the nav issue. The wobble is still something unknown as it happens at the same time the other problem occurred and I am using the modern flight model.
  4. Your welcome! I have been flying the plane every time I get the chance since I got it. It is an absolute joy to fly and fits my style of flying short regional flights from different airports so much. I will be flying this aircraft so much for the future. I hope you and the dev team are happy with how this aircraft turned out. Also, I figured out why my reversers were not working when landing. I use the Logitech extreme pro 3D for my flight controls with mouse and keyboard, because of that I have reversers set as a button I hold down why applying thrust. I read that this method of doing reverse thrust for the plane does not work. Luckily for me the breaks work well at stopping the plane. Edit- Last thing, anyone know of some neat places to fly this plane? I have flown a lot in the Midwest of the USA so wondering if there are some neat places in the world to the the CRJ at like somewhere in Europe.
  5. Here what I do to get it to work somewhat. Set up a SimBrief account and make a flight plan and import it into the sim like how some of the tutorial videos tell you to. Now to get atc, take than same plan but upload it to the normal MSFS game saves and flight plans saves area as a PLN file. Once in the sim, load the save from the load option, and select what gate you want to start at. It’s not perfect, but it’s worked for me so far and gives me a good estimate on when to ascend descend and other stuff. I’m sure more accurate tutorials on how to do this will be made at some point.
  6. Just completed my first flight after spending time learning the systems. After some advice on importing plans I was able to get a flight set up withATC as well. Flew from KATL to KRSW. About an hour and 20 mins of flying and it was extremely enjoyable in this plane. Thanks to that import method I’m definitely going to be flying this plane a lot for the future. Only issues I had was 20 mins before landing my plane started shaking and nav mod broke, but I could keep autopilot on by using heading instead of nav (doing this also stopped the shaking). The other problem was fevers not working for me, but breaks did a good enough job stopping me. Overall I’m glad I got this plane, and can’t wait to fly again soon. The plane was definitely worth the wait to for me, and while the flight plan stuff and importing plans to get atc will take some getting used to, this plane is amazing. So how’s everyone else liking the aircraft so far? Fly anywhere really neat with the airliner that you weren’t able to fly to before?
  7. So I assume there will be instructions in how to install the aircraft if we buy it off the Aerosoft store but just thought I’d ask. Will the plane file have an installer program that we will get and run to install the plane into the sim, or will the file be a drag and drop into the community folder?
  8. So it’s been awhile since I last checked these forums and a lot has happened since then it seems. Last time I checked here the release date was announced. Very excited for tomorrow, and I need to get caught up The Dude videos as I only got to episode 2 before I got busy and stopped watching the series. While I doubt I’ll know enough by tomorrow to complete my first flight I hope to at least get some time in the cockpit to practice stuff. Also decided to make an account with the Aerosoft store instead of the original plan of the marketplace. Seems like such a good idea to get it through you guys so I can keep up to date on things but also give my full support for the project. Can’t wait to get my hands on this amazing aircraft tomorrow.
  9. Yes!!! So excited, first payware plane I’ll ever be getting and I’m glad it’s going to be this stunning plane! Soon I’ll be able to take to the skies in this plane. Hope to see the rest of you in the CRJ around KORD sometime in the near future now. Thanks again for all the amazing work you and the entire team has put into this project!
  10. Very excited for March first to hear more news. Also thanks for the heads up on the loading times, as well I’m patient after a certain Tim I would have thought something was wrong when it wasn’t. looking forward to flying and hope to see some of you flying in and out of KORD.
  11. I love the videos @TheDude (hopefully tagging the right person). It’s amazing to see this plane up close in your videos as well as get a good walk through so a new sim pilot can learn how to operate this amazing plane. Keep up the amazing work!
  12. By the way, this entire thing is being followed by the FBW discord (Hello you guys). Every reaction to any of these comments trying to prod and poke you guys into a reaction are being uploaded on their discord and laughed at and I’m sure I’ll be too when they upload a screenshot of this exact comment. Best thing to do is just ignore it. Anyways back to a a more sane topic, anyone know of some good places to take the CRJ to visit? I was thinking aspen, but I know it’s a tricky flight.
  13. I may be a bit biased because it’s my home airport, but 27R at KORD. Going to be flying in on that approach a lot in the near future.
  14. The level of detail and options in that EFB is astounding! I may have only limited knowledge of what most of it does, but with how detailed it is, I’m going to happily learn every little bit of it I can.
  15. I love the CRJ videos from TheDude! Seeing the CRJ in action has been a very big delight to me, as well as hearing what everything sounds like. Can’t wait to see more videos in the future!
  16. Well looks like I got my question figured out, so thanks! And I think I figured out the answer to my second part of the question since looking around else where, I could not find anything about AI using 3rd party planes, so I’ll just go ahead and go with the fact any time I’ll see this aircraft it will always be player controlled.
  17. Your probably correct. I’m going to go see if I can find an answer over on their forums then as they probably have a better idea on this kinda stuff. If I had to make a guess, I believe players ho own the aircraft will be able to see each other but I don’t think I will see AI planes using the CRJ.
  18. Ok last question I have before the plane comes out. Will we be able to see other players using the CRJ if we own it and they also own it? And the second part is, will the AI use the CRJ, as in will we see the CRJ occasionally flying around or at the airport like the other AI controlled planes?
  19. Wow a lot has happened since I check yesterday. Really cool seeing a full interior cabin. Keep up the great work!
  20. Thanks! I don’t know if I say it enough but I love what you guys are doing and how great everything is. MSFS is my first sim ever and this plane will be my first 3rd party plane ever. Just the amount of care and dedication that goes into this project makes me really happy. I’m definitely hooked as a fan of Aerosoft stuff now and can’t wait to see what you guys do over the years with this sim. Also thanks for the updated manuals. I’ll start reading them right away. The CRJ is the first plane I ever really wanted to learn how to operate entirely including using a FMC for the first time.
  21. I’m curious what everyone is doing while we wait. Since it will be my first ever pay ware aircraft I’ll buy and the most complex, I have read the first manual multiple time. Though I don’t know what else I can beside keep rereading that manual over and over and just wait, or look at pictures of the aircraft. Are you guys doing something similar or are you doing something else in the mean time while waiting for the aircraft.
  22. Same, I have done all the stuff you have done to prepare, minus flying the CJ4. Right now I think I learned all that I can until I can get more of the manuals. Even then I will still probably take my time learning how to fly the CRJ once I can buy it.
  23. Definitely have a feeling this thread will be over 100 pages before it comes out. The more I read about the CRJ the more it’s becoming one of my favorite planes. I really look forward to the fact my first ever 3rd party sim plane I will be getting is from such an amazing company and is such a neat plane at the same time! As much as I can’t wait to be flying I’m also excited to see what else Aerosoft does in the following years with this sim.
  24. The photos of the American Airlines livery on the CRJ look so good! I live right in the flight path of O’Hare and see them landing a lot as they fly over a few thousand feet. In my eyes, this looks absolutely perfect and identical that I may even fool some friends of mine to thinking it’s real. Seriously can’t wait for this plane, and very excited that it will be my first ever 3rd party plane to buy since I got into flight sims when MSFS came out.
  25. Ok so I finished reading that first manual that was shared a couple times in order to try and prepare myself on how to operate this plane. I definitely have a better understanding than I initially did but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do to get ready. I do plan to read all the manuals though I think the rest of the manuals won’t be out until the plane releases.
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