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  1. That's an important point then. So keep the throttles split, and don't use the latch to make them move together. Appreciate the follow up. Thanks again! Tim
  2. @Sean Milne Thanks so much for that info. Greatly appreciate it. Regards, Tim
  3. So many posts, with so many of them locked. It's very confusing. Will my Virpil CM3 throttle work with the current CRJ download? I was waiting for this patch to buy, but don't want to buy if I can't use it, because it doesn't recognize my $500 throttle....LOL. Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Maybe linking the update process with the marketplace, was a way to get more access to Asobo during the dev process? If so, that would be very reasonable. But, there is a very simple solution here. Aerosoft could create an "open beta" for the non-marketplace owners, and distribute any hot-fixes that way. Then, when all is good with the non-marketplace product, as verified by the open beta, Aerosoft could then push it to the marketplace.
  5. OK, good to know, that they will continue to be two packages, with no discount for a combined package. I'm planning on picking up the 550/700 after SU4 drops, and I see how things shake out A/P issue-wise.
  6. Is it just me, or is the 700 the best looking of the bunch?
  7. @Mathijs Kok If a person hasn't purchased the current CRJ for MFS, will there be any price advantage to wait until the addon is released? In other words, will the full CRJ package 550/700/900/1000 be cheaper than buying the 550/700 now, and then buying the 900/1000 when it releases?
  8. Sorry about that. In a recent above post @Mathijs Kok said he was fine if this thread wandered a bit, since there was nothing able to officially be reported. Tim
  9. The problem with X-Plane right now, is in its current state, running in Vulkan, it's struggling for frame rates. In fact there are people who have better frame rates in OpenGL still. I can't imagine there is much wiggle room for more visuals in XP12, or whatever Austin is going to call it (he still hasn't decided, and they never refer to the next version as XP12). Tim
  10. Exactly. Game vs simulator are trigger words for many folks. Make no mistake about it, P3D, XP, DCS, and MFS, are all games for entertainment. No different than WoW, Fortnite, and Animal Crossings. Instead of pretending to be an elf with magical powers, "flight simmers" pretend to be commercial pilots......LOL. I know it's not a popular view as you said, but if you're being honest, at the end of the day, it is just a game. A hella fun game, that we've all put more time, money, and effort into than we'd like to admit.
  11. The part I personally don't get is the money argument. Why does it matter how much someone spent on P3D or X-Plane? It's a hobby, and hobbies are expensive at times. If and when a sim is no longer useful to a person, the amount of time and money spent on it, is in the past, and irrelevant, IMHO. Ten dollars, or $1000 dollars....doesn't matter. I only fire up X-Plane to make a couple of VA flights a month with the zibo. The amount of time, effort, and money, I've put into X-Plane over the years doesn't matter to me, because I enjoy the MFS experience better.
  12. Show off. LOL. ;-] As for a flight.....likely a PSA flight from somewhere into KDCA. Nothing like the river visual in an unfamiliar aircraft, to raise the stakes a bit.
  13. How did this go from a group hug thread to a powder keg so fast? 😂
  14. Certainly your perogative, but you are really missing out on some good stuff. Specifically the G36 mod, the GN530 mod, the G1000 mod, and the fabulous CJ4 mod.
  15. Download, and become proficient flying the Working Title CJ4 mod.
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