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  1. Try setting the Traffic setting to Default. Too high a setting doesn’t activate marshals and thus VDGS also. That’s what I did to resolve the issue.
  2. From a lay woman’s 💃perspective and understanding of how the VDGS gets activated is this ... it all depends on the arrival gate that is being used. If the gate selected is equipped with VDGS it doesn’t matter whether being sent there by MSFS ATC, VATSIM, P2ATC or anything else. Just get to the correct gate and it works. Similar to whether a marshal is shown at the gate, when there is no VDGS.
  3. Absolutely! Every other developer of MSFS airports with VDGS are omitting them and explaining it away as “SDK not ready” etc. ( or should it be technical competency?) But Jo Erlend’s work is the proof that it is doable and it works beautifully. Every time I fly into these airports I pre program the arrival gates and just LOVE to watch the VDGS in action.
  4. This is AMAZING Jo Erlend! Thank you for the preview. As always you set new high standards in the MSFS add-on airport development with each new airport. I see smooth people movement here! And your trademark VDGS, which all other developers just say “technically cannot be done” in their offerings. Looking forward to this airport to my collection of other Jo Erlend’s works.
  5. The description for EDDM says VDGS will be integrated as soon as reliable MSFS SDK availability. But there are already airports that have been developed and sold with active and working VDGS. Please help me understand this discrepancy. Thank you. Note: Functional Safegates (VDGS) will be integrated as soon as there is a reliable technical solution by the MSFS SDK
  6. I definitely wouldn’t want to block any ads from the Aerosoft’s website.
  7. Köln Bonn by Jo : Without a doubt THE most beautiful and best detailed airport for MSFS available currently, with working VDGS as an added cherry topping. Absolutely ❤️ this work of art!
  8. Hi, Could the developers please help consider adding the option of continuing using PBE upon arrival at the gates? Currently when I am at the gate upon arrival and start PE it doesn’t allow any other functions except another Push Back. If all the usual functions are made available upon arrival, the user can then request for jet way connecting, baggage etc. Especially useful for transiting flights in the SIM. Thank you for your consideration. PS: Apologies if this is the wrong category. I couldn’t find any other related to FS2Crew: Pushback Express.
  9. I just purchased Trondheim-Vaernes Airport and am just amazed at the attention to fine details by the developers. There are so many beautiful creations all around; in the terminals, jetways and surrounding areas to explore. There’s even a moving escalator inside the terminal! And the details of the airport vehicles and everything else on the tarmac are just awesome! I am so sold on Aerosoft creations; with this as my second airport. EDDK Cologne being the first and a real masterpiece and a work of art and love by Jo ❤️. Looking forward to all the forthcoming airports and aircraft by Aerosoft. You have me as another satisfied and loyal customer. Thank you.
  10. I just purchased EDDK from your store and I am awestruck with the quality of workmanship by the creators at Aerosoft. There’s an awesome amount of artifacts, signs and terminals to explore that I am just simply parked at the gate and roaming around the airport. It’s truly amazing. Aerosoft is certainly my default developer to go to for airports. And waiting longingly for your aircraft and other new offerings especially Zurich. Thank you so much!
  11. Thank you very much for the clarification.
  12. Hi, I want to purchase your Aerosoft Airport Cologne/Bonn for MSFS and have these questions before proceeding. 1. Is the MSFS Market Place version the same as the latest release available through Aerosoft? The website says Version - via ASUpdater. But the MSFS Market Place says no version available. 2. Is the Aerosoft Black Sales week offer discount only available here and not through MSFS Market Place also? 3. Are the two versions identical? And would a direct purchase be installed in the Community folder, which I deleted before every MSFS update. Apologies if these questions are basic. I am new to FS. Thank you.
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