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  1. Well Gentlemens, after hours of brainstorm and testing i have found the damn solution of this problem. Now in my case the problem is solved, the solution was in measuring system, i dont know why, but Trondhiem and Cologne Bonn was crushing in CTD error while i was using the METRIC system. When you changing back METRIC measuring to Imperial, after that problem will be solved. I hope this solution will help to all ppl here who run in to this CTD problem. P/S/ waiting 4 free MFS2020 scenery for this bugfix )))))))))))
  2. As you wish. But lang of my Win10 OS is Rus and i hope it won't make you difficult to understand the reason of the CTD error
  3. Here it is. I hope it will helps you to help us. MFS2020 EDDK CTD.evtx
  4. Could you pls tell us what exact log file do you need and where we can get it in MFS?
  5. Hi All. I see that there is a lot of people in this topic with one problem. Maybe Aerosoft do something with it? There is not only topicstarter problem now. I have absolutely same problem with ONLY Aerosoft Addons EDDK and ENVA. I was trying to delete all of my addons from the community folder, leave there only Aerosoft addons ENVA and EDDK, and the problem wasnt solved. Trying different presets in Graphics - doesnt help. First comment was right about moving the camera a little bit faster speed then default. My system is new with new fresh Win 10 x64 on it. Intel core i9 10900K
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