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  1. Just now, NetworkerExpress said:

    Welp, Drzewiecki just dropped KDCA for the sim.


    Looks like there'll be a line of CRJs doing River Visuals on VATSIM over the next few weeks... :P 

    KDCA and the river visual will have more traffic then Heathrow 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, JayG said:


    "Use Vatsim or multiplayer + discord?"  -> One thing to keep in mind... I know discord is our typical goto place for things like this. That's where the streamers are, as well as some our favorite mod dev teams such as FBW, WT etc. However, Aerosoft has the 'luxury' of their own site as well as this forum. That's how they reach and engage with their community. And for the record, I am not in any way shape or form associated with Aerosoft. Not sure whether you noticed but there are not a lot of Aerosoft discord servers out there. In fact one of them is setup by me and the only thing it does is point back to the Aerosoft forum. So if we want to keep engaging and interacting with Aerosoft folks, we need to do it here on the forum. Not sure about you, but I definitely want them to be part of any CRJ community. So after discussing our ideas to setup a CRJ community directly with Aerosoft, they recommended we would not do that on discord but on the Club section of this forum. That's what we ended up doing and you can find it here: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/clubs/17-the-crj-community/. It has been growing steadily since we started it a couple of days ago, and would love to see folks here join. You will recognize some of the Aerosoft staff names that have already become member of that community. It is managed by and for the community and we are getting all the support from Aerosoft. Hope to see you there!



    Yes I fully agree, I was only suggesting Vatsim or Discord for Voice capabilities while making something like that, keeping the correct headings, speeds, alt, and everything that will change very quickly, That's the only part that would be difficult on the forum, or with only text. Definitely wouldn't want to move any community away from the forums. Fun to think about pulling it off

  3. 2 hours ago, Jaden Cuffy said:

    I can kind of see a clip of the camera panning around the interior of EDLP then switching to the AS building, focused on the logo, then panning up keeping the AS building & logo in frame then the crj's fly into the frame in formation. Then some sort of wide shot of the whole thing, showing the full airport?

    Can't edit the last post after awhile. I tried something, just pretend there's 10 more a320's, or crj's as would be, in a V formation...

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.03.10 -

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.03.10 -

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  4. 2 minutes ago, JayG said:



    Whoever feels called to organize it, this is the place to post it:  https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/1076-community-flights/  And then let's all get the word out! Looks like we have nice number of liveries available then as well!

    Been thinking about how this could be feasible for quite a good chunk of the day. Use Vatsim or multiplayer + discord? Private session? Model matching? Instancing limits? Angles? A short video of a flyover, or a trailer type video, ending with the EDLP flyover. Would love to organize something like that but it's all new to me so a lot to consider.

    I can kind of see a clip of the camera panning around the interior of EDLP then switching to the AS building, focused on the logo, then panning up keeping the AS building & logo in frame then the crj's fly into the frame in formation. Then some sort of wide shot of the whole thing, showing the full airport?

  5. 49 minutes ago, Der Merowinger said:

    Is there a reason posting this in the CRJ-thread?

    Because people have always talked about performance and it's important to have the head room for 3rd party addons(CRJ)?

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  6. Concerned with the performance again, after the update seems like I lost 20 - 30 across the board, sitting at AS TNCB pulling 35, compared to last night it was easily 50+. Places like EDDF went from 40 to 20, dipping to 15 or lower at times (not exactly ideal). I was anticipating a 5-10 fps loss with the CRJ compared to a32nx which was something I can live with but I'm not sure now after the loss from the update. Hopefully this will sort itself out quickly. Anyone else got a performance loss?

  7. 40 minutes ago, Doering said:

    Excellent! Puts everyone on the starting line together, especially for this type of release!

    Eh not quite that, they still have are a week ahead in air time, we just wont see it. Not that bad though, just gonna keep rewatching come fly with me for now.

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  8. 13 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:

    We are still tweaking the manuals a bit, but as I promised to deliver them a week before release, here they are:


    Vol1_Aircraft Operating Manual_Part-1.pdf 3.29 MB · 15 downloads


    Vol2_Quick Reference Guide.pdf 2.37 MB · 10 downloads


    Vol3_Tutorial.pdf 6.85 MB · 9 downloads


    Vol4_Normal Ops Checklist.pdf 181.6 kB · 9 downloads


    Vol5_Aircraft Operating Manual_Part_2.pdf 9.96 MB · 8 downloads


    Vol6_FMS.pdf 3.52 MB · 12 downloads


    If anybody sees some error, please drop me  message at mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

    Dang, wish I caught that earlier, spent a bunch of time trying to write a checklist in advance.

  9. 7 hours ago, Abriael said:

    @Mathijs Kok so today's development update from Asobo confirmed that contrails will be added to the SDK on March 11. Any chance our CRJs will leave their mark in the sky at release? :D


    Please add only links!


    Also, I imagine you guys are already testing the CRJ with the Sim Update that will come on March 11 correct? Another dev (Iris simulations) said they have early access to it, so I imagine the same goes for Aerosoft. 

    Hope we can ai and other players contrails. It'll be 80% of the sky with the amount of crj's in the air.

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  10. 55 minutes ago, carlson42 said:

    I think I have read this somewhere, but I cant be asked to go through 140 pages of this topic to find it. I think I read somewhere approximately how long after the initial release we will get the -900 and -1000. How long after will it be, if that info is public yet? 



    What was said, couldn't find the actual forum quote though. (From FsElite)

  11. Just a simple suggestion, maybe it would be a good idea to put the episode number in the title of the come fly with me videos? For those who are completely unfamiliar and may not have found the series through the forums.

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  12. 5 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:


    No, I do not agree. Customers are customers. Even if we (i) do not always agree, if we have some time to fix the issue that bugs them, let's just do it. We always said customers shape our products. 


    The first person who asks for passengers in all seats gets banned for live. Just saying.

    What about passengers in every *other* seat, for corvid purposes, with 8k masks? ;) 

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  13. 5 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:

    Friends, there is one 'special' thing about this release that is new and will potentially cause serious support issues. We'll mention it in the installer etc but as it is rather so new we decide to mention it on the forums until you are sick of hearing about it.


    See, when you load the 550 and the 700 for the first time in the simulator there is a translation done from the C++ code to the WASM code the sim needs. Even on a high performance system this takes minutes. Now I know installers often say to be patient for 'minutes' to do something and it takes seconds, but in this case it will be minutes. On the MS store version easily 7 minutes, on the Steam version 10 minutes.  And all that time MFS will not show anything and be unresponsive.  This behavior might also be visible after an update.


    As you understand, we are very worried that customers will feel the sim has crashed because of the add-on. But this behavior is fully normal and will only happen the first time that aircraft type is loaded. Any add-on that uses C++ code will behave like that. The more C++ code the longer the pause will be.


    So if you ever see a person complains the sim 'crashes' when they load the CRJ, ask them if they waited ten minutes. Because on some systems, that is really what it could take.  Help a fellow simmer.....

    Pin this too?

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