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  1. Been flying the Dimona a lot and love it. When put into glide mode, i can get descent of just about 150 fpm at best glide of about 100 kph. Then I realise this looks about the same as the Discus gliding performance, which also gives a descent of 150 fpm or so, at about the same speed too. But given the differing best glide LD of 27 for the Dimona and 43 for the Discus, shouldn't the numbers be expected to be different?
  2. Thanks Joachim. Actually I meant using 35% throttle then cut to idle using F1 key just prior to final descent to touchdown. Thus using 35% for powering plane, and airbrake adjustment for controlling glideslope (which seems to give good response). One question -- the manual says NOT to extend spoiler fully when touching down. This is quite puzzling. Why is this so?
  3. About the tendency to roll off a straight heading, I mean to say that the plane feels like "sitting on a ball" -- the slightest off wing-level and it would drift off to one side after a short while. The wide wingspan appears to have a good dihedral design, which by right should exhibit a good lateral stability. Often I could hardly take my eyes off for more than a few seconds before the roll-off sets in. Anyone else sees this?
  4. One approach technique seems to work quite fine is to leave the throttle at about 35%, and control the speed / descent with the airbrake on short final.
  5. Thanks Joachim. I agree the view looks great. Just that the CHT gauge gets partially blocked at the left top quadrant ! But the view is out there is great.
  6. Thanks for the advice. 1) The virtual cockpit res comes only in bullet selection form, no slider. 2) As for my joystick, I'm using Thrustmaster T16000M, highly precise and works perfectly so far with all my other add-ons, as well as other flight sim apps. 3) Yep, did wait more than 10 secs after engine stopped to save state. The fuel zero problem on reload happens strangely -- it starts off with the info (ctrl-z 3 times) showing original fuel qty, but the figure slowly dropping down to zero as if there is a leakage ! Thanks.
  7. I notice my default eye-level in the virtual cockpit seems way too high, and I needed to press shift-backspace 10+ times before I could get it to look like those screenshots I see in product page. I have no problem with default eye-level in other add-ons. May I missing out something? What should be the recommended eye-point level ?
  8. Just given my new Dimona a couple hours flight and am impressed. However, got a few questions I hope to clarify :- 1) The gauges didn't look as sharp as those in screenshots; thought I did set to max (global texture max, high res virtual cockpit, etc.) 2) The Dimona seems to easily roll to either side during straight level flight, needing a lot of stick correction. Is this the same as in the real one? 3) When loading up a previously saved flight, the panel is mostly same as the shutdown state, except that the parking brake is no longer parked, and the fuel qty always resets to Zero, and canopy closed up though saved as open 4) Upon loading up saved flight, the plane seems to drop a foot onto the ground Hope to clarify up on these. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, James. I actually went ahead to buy this even before I saw your reply ! And I permanently swopped the joystick throttle for the spoiler, and use just the keys for throttle control. Works great for me. As for Best Glide, I am seeing about 75 km/hr and 100+ fpm descent only! Is this too good to be true ??
  10. I've purchased the Discus X before and am now interested to consider buying this one. Question One -- as I'm using only a normal joystick with only one slider for the throttle, I understand I would then need to assign a key to the spoiler. But that function only has ON / OFF command and no intermmediate settings. Will this "spoil" the experience when coming in to land, when precise control of the spoiler is needed just like in the Discus? Question Two -- What is the best glide speed as well as the best glide descent rate in fpm (with prop stopped) ? Thanks.
  11. Here are my FSX settings' screenshots --- Didn't use DX10 as it slows the FPS, and also strangely results in Anti-Aliasing not being applied, even though the option is selected (anyone knows why?). As mentioned earlier, all my other add-ons / default runways all look okay.
  12. Here are some screenshots. Notice the runway and PAPI all look fuzzy, as if there's a double image. <BR><BR>All other airports look okay, including my other payware ones.
  13. Just purchased the Approaching Innsbruck X, and found that the runway and its approach lights all look very fuzzy, out-of-focus look when coming in to land. All else look okay. I have Austria Pro X, but even when I turned that off, it still shows the same problem. I had also recently bought the Switzerland Small Airfield 3, and that one runs fine. Any advice, please. Thank you. Avio
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