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  1. And 2002 FS utility works with MSFS2020??
  2. Dear Aerosoft, Could you please consider the possibility of adding a pause at TOD, hopefully adjustable on 10 or 20 kts before the actual point? I know that, not having auto-throttle at cruise phase makes it not logical but at a SIM environment it could be useful. If we do have a pause option that I missed at the settings, I apologize Many thanks Alaa
  3. Last night I had a strange issue for the first time with FMS, I was departing PAJN to PANC, I inserted my route includes the ASORT 2 DEPARTURE RWY08 from PAJN, after finishing the route I tried -which is wrong I know- to replace first leg at the LEGs page from the vectors instructions to the CGL NDB point which is the second point of the route but the SIM froze, I restarted the flight and insert the route without changing the first leg but the SIM froze too........I started again but from turnaround stat instead of the usual C&D then the flight went OK. Later trying to change flight level to FL340 instead of the selected FL300 while in CLMB mode, for a minute or two looks like I had 1 frame per second or something, then all went normal.......I might be wrong but this could be related to multiple press of the EXCE key?? When I pressed CLR-ALT-DEL the time the SIM froze, I realized that the CPU use was 97% !! instead of the usual bellow 25% I have no idea if it's related to the subject but I thought to report this.
  4. I think it has something to do with not following the flight director after take off, I used to get this, now I am following the flight director trying to maintain V2+20 as required
  5. OK, I made the flight last night KMSP-KBIL and all was fine, FMS accepted the airport cods, my best guess is, it was one time thing? I remembered, when I started my flight in C&D situation, and while conducting the initial checks as per CL, I realized that the Landing gear was at the UP positions which was unusual and a first. Thanks
  6. Also I am parked at a gate and started the flight with Cold and Dark
  7. I do not get any error message the code disappears in lees than a second,
  8. I mean KMSP or KBIL or KSHR ....Sorry I meant airport code
  9. Hello all, Is there a reason to make FMS do not accept airports like KMSP (origin) or KBIL (destination) or KSHR (alternative) without giving an error message? I use the FMS keyboard typing the letters and hit the corresponding button like I do all the time, I see the word for less than a second than it's gone also I see the word EXEC at bottom right and disappears too..... IRS is aligned, POS INIT is filled with GNSS1 coordinates and all coordinates seems OK. I even looked outside of the plane to confirm I am actually in Minneapolis? I am using V1.0.3.0 Best regards Alaa
  10. Dear Aerosoft, The HUD system is lowered from the roof of the cockpit by clicking a spot on it which is fine, now when it's down any zoom in and out using the mouse wheel will cause it to go up again!! Which is annoying to me, I suggest that the only way to move the HUD up and down by clicking the hidden area on the HUD itself and not let it resound to the mouse wheel, unless there's something I am missing in the manuals. Best regards Alaa
  11. I can confirm the above after installing the V1.0.3.0 update everything works fine after three long flights, two things I noticed: 1- EFB has the information from my last flight before uninstalling, did not bother me much. 2- The throttle -at cruise phase- went from crazy up and down and all over the place, the kind of throttle that I can not leave my place for two minutes without checking, evolved into the throttle that so calm, mature and so cool I can leave for 15 minutes without issues, I even thought it had become an auto throttle in some sort, but after monitoring it, the speed of the aircraft is affected by wind direction, turbulence and AoA then I have to adjust it accordingly. Now what I am worried about is, all issues I see people reporting and complaining about in the forums, did not happen to me so should I update to the V1.0.4.0 or not?? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  12. This happens to me every like three flights and the fix is to go back to loading the flight and start it again and not the sim, I think it has something to do with the way you exited the flight before but not sure, when I started closing the flight to the status I want to start it later on I think it's gone but this could be a coincident of course.
  13. Dear Aerosoft, I have been a customer of yours since 10 years and more, I only bought CRJ for MSFS less than a week ago (my first turbo jet flights with MSFS), the experience simply is unmatched, the systems depth I am impressed with, there're minor issues that I'm sure will be clarified either by me getting more experienced with the CRJ or perhaps to further developments in the future........ So I only thought to say thank you, you mad an old simmer happy Regards and best of luck Alaa
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