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  1. Hi There, Is it possible to add multiple arrivals to a flight plan? For example If I have to deliver Cargo to 3 or 4 different airports on the same trip , would I need to make three separate flight Plans or can it be incorporated into a single plan using MSFS or Simbreif into the PD? and if so How ? Cheers.
  2. No , Doesn't the Plan go into the garmin automaticly?
  3. Hello friends, I'm not sure how to get the Auto Pilot to follow the flight plan I created. 1) created flight plan 2) jumped into cessna 172 s at airport. 3) taxi out then took off. 4) got cruise Alti and speed 5) Hit AP all good AP in control , but his not following the plan. Did I miss a Step ? Thank you for any advice. Cheers
  4. There is no Add ons menu in FSX SteamEdition from my search. Also I ended up paying for a overpriced (imo) (Coming from a racing sim mod price perspective, which has a much more complicated physics and modeling engine ) Steam Edition DLC Carenaco Cessna 172 skyhawk 2 ,Too match the template , will the template still work for the default Cessna ? which I think is much better than the Over priced mod (just my opinion ) ? Cheers
  5. Same here, I have FSX SE installed and updated the Honeycomb controls software latest version deleted default settings FSX SE , then activated the cesna 172 template, start up FSX go to free flight , The yolk is still all default settings , ok I can fly but boring default with just steering , up and down. Cheers for any help
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