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  1. VERY excited to read this news ! Thank you AEROSOFT for taking this leap to move our flight sim world into the future. I am looking very forward to including your products in my adventures !
  2. Go to the P3D SOUNDS folder and click on fuel_pump.wav and see if that is what you are referring to.
  3. HOPE SO... by lowering their future development costs, this helps to keep future prices stable. very wise move from a wise company
  4. As a long time AES user and supporter.... Oliver, I, along with all the supporters here sincerely hope you will not allow the STUPIDITY of the FEW outweigh the needs of the MANY. Please hurry back soon
  5. My search revealed a previous question for my issue but no one has ever answered. With ImagineSim KIAD 2004, the parking marshaller works great at some gates and is non existent at others. When the parking marshaller is not present and the airplane is finished parking all functions of AES begin working normally. For example, all Z Gates work fine, Gate B 75 works but the Gates east of this B73, B71, B69, etc do not. It is like this everywhere, some gates work great, some do not. I do not have this issue with any other AES and/or ImagineSim airports. I know this airport was designed using the DELTA PARK lights system but I guess due to the AES design, these DELTA lights have been removed. Is there a fix to this issue that I have missed? Or do I just have to always park at one of the gates in which the marshaller is working? Thank you.
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