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  1. Was wondering why it didn't look Thales-esque, but that crossed my mind. Thanks for correcting it, and most of all, for fixing the OFFSET!
  2. It's been a while since the last update, and I know MSFS20 is becoming the centre of attention, but is there any more progress to report on the CPDLC/ACARS development?
  3. So what happened to the update that was supposed to happen this week?
  4. Best to ensure everything is done right than rushing in with a half-finished update.
  5. Hopefully one of the new tweaks is finally getting the SLOPS more stable, and I'm also hoping the middle MCDU finally gets access to the ATSU as per reality, because, as I've mentioned before, most pilots leave it on ATSU to save having to access it from one of the main MCDUs, and it would look more realistic.
  6. Thank you so much! I look forward to having the fix so then I can finally fly the SLOP CTD-free, and I'm also excited for the CPDLC and ACARS update.
  7. Same here. While I do fly the smaller buses by the other developer, the A330 should definitely have more focus seeing as this is the only A330 with high functionality out there, and personally, I think that, once GFO comes around, the middle MCDU should be changed so that it's no longer just the pop-up menu MCDU, and has access to the ATSU as most pilots in reality (or at least those I know of) leave the middle MCDU on the ATSU all the time to save having to leave the FMGC mode on the main MCDUs to access the AOC (ACARS) on the ATSU.
  8. So I attempted another Transatlantic flight using NAT A and got the same issue. This is what happens when I set the SLOP to start at the beginning of the NAT and end at the exit: I entered R2, and got the kink in the intercept. When I tried R20, the kink was eliminated and the offset was more natural, but then after it enters the SLOP, the current waypoint went crazy (goes back and fourth between the next waypoint and the one after). So I cancelled it and tried again with R2 on the current waypoint, and then the sim started going crazy with the audio stuttering and the system grinding to a halt. When I managed to regain control, I cancelled the offset, then tried again, and the system suddenly froze and was on its way to CTD. As for the Windows error report, this is what it said from last time: The route was as follows: [CoRte] ArptDep=EGLL ArptArr=KMCO RwyDep=EGLL27R RwyArr=KMCO18R SID=UMLA1F STAR=CWRLD4 SID_Trans=UMLAT Airway1=T418 Airway1FROM=UMLAT Airway1TO=WELIN Airway2=T420 Airway2FROM=WELIN Airway2TO=TNT Airway3=UL28 Airway3FROM=TNT Airway3TO=RODOL Airway4=UM65 Airway4FROM=RODOL Airway4TO=TENSO Airway5=L603 Airway5FROM=TENSO Airway5TO=REMSI DctWpt6=APSOV DctWpt6Coordinates=55.823056,-10.000000 DctWpt7=PIKIL DctWpt7Coordinates=56.000000,-15.000000 DctWpt8=5720N DctWpt8Coordinates=57.000000,-20.000000 DctWpt9=5830N DctWpt9Coordinates=58.000000,-30.000000 DctWpt10=5840N DctWpt10Coordinates=58.000000,-40.000000 DctWpt11=5650N DctWpt11Coordinates=56.000000,-50.000000 DctWpt12=JANJO DctWpt12Coordinates=54.033333,-57.000000 Airway13=N558A Airway13FROM=JANJO Airway13TO=TAFFY DctWpt14=ENE DctWpt14Coordinates=43.425672,-70.613525 DctWpt15=EMJAY DctWpt15Coordinates=40.093025,-73.261753 Airway16=J174 Airway16FROM=EMJAY Airway16TO=SWL DctWpt17=CEBEE DctWpt17Coordinates=36.881339,-76.158197 DctWpt18=WETRO DctWpt18Coordinates=36.387494,-76.442728 DctWpt19=DIW DctWpt19Coordinates=34.568536,-77.452936 DctWpt20=GRDON DctWpt20Coordinates=29.377972,-80.646642 The version I'm using is the latest beta.
  9. Try flying a typical NATOTS route (eg. NAT A: PIKIL [latlongs] HOIST) and set the SLOP to start at the entry point and finish at the exit point. The issue I had was that the offset start had a kinked route, then when the plane intercepted the offset, it then resulted in the CTD. I sadly don't have the log to hand, and I didn't enable logging. I'm currently at the latest beta version. If all else fails, I'll do another flight with the logging enabled.
  10. It's got to be GFO. It was announced that Aerosoft would be a Tier 1 partner, so there'll be both Hoppie and GFO. Can't wait!
  11. Still getting a CTD with the OFFSET. Absolutely disappointed that the problem still hasn't been fixed. Needs to be urgently fixed, especially since the A330 will get more Oceanic activity once the CPDLC/ACARS update comes live, and SLOPS are a huge part of Oceanics.
  12. So I tried to do a Transatlantic flight with the A330, and despite hoping the problem would be fixed by now, the OFFSET function is still bugged, with that weird kinked route first beginning, then suddenly, I get a CTD. Seeing as the CPDLC is finally getting implemented, and a lot of us are probably going to use it on Oceanics, I'm absolutely disappointed that the lingering bug with the SLOP function still hasn't been fixed, and because P3Dv4 and v5 is still going to be used a lot by the majority, the problem needs to be fixed urgently, not put off until MSFS20, because SLOPs are a key feature of flying Oceanics, and having no working route offsetting function is just going to ruin the whole experience. Thanks.
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