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  1. Hello Captain. Can you do it for the normal A320, not the extended version? Thanks
  2. Update, I followed the instruction and installed it in the directory where the Simulator was installed, now everything is fine. Thank you very much for you time, my apologies if I asked silly questions. Wherever you are I wish you prosperity, good health and happiness. Once again Thank you very much
  3. Sure, I am ready to provide whatever information you ask to help me get sorted. First- I am using Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition The Airbus version I don't know, I downloaded it yesterday. But if you are asking the variant it is A320 and A321 Second- The setup I spoke about was of the AIRAC cycle downloaded from, it was a zip file which contained a .exe file, when running the zip file it showed me a location by default I selected that. I still don't know whether it is correct or not, my games are all stored on an external drive and the location the program asked was in the local disk NOT the hard drive. I am not sure whether it went to the correct location or not. So in the Airbus_FallBack folder should I create a new Folder and then run the setup to that folder? The Airbus_FallBAck folder was empty and I couldn't find the NavDataPro folder as well
  4. I would also like to add that during setup the installer asked for a location and I selected that location itself without changing anything
  5. Hi, thank you for the quick reply, I am really happy that you provided the step by step instruction. But my only doubt is where to install the setup file? Is it C:/FSX/Aerosoft/Airbus FallBack or C:/Users/My Name/Documents/Aerosoft/. And in which of these to create the new folder because I didn't find any folder named NavDataPro. I can also send screenshots if you ask, I don't mind
  6. Hi, I too have been facing the exact same problem, I installed the latest AIRAC cycle but don't know in which folder to run the setuo. A step by step guide will be really appreciated. Thanks.
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