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  1. You know what... I updated and now I’m processing to full reinstall. Before no CTD - now CTD all the time, application issues, sound issues... never have this before.
  2. Mathijs, your approach makes sense but this time I wanted to try shortcut. But let’s see. I kind of don’t want to spend a week reinstalling everything
  3. I did ask there and was told that when updating “content” I should check with 3rd party developers for their advice. So, I’m checking. I checked with some others and got response. Aerosoft - nothing yet. Is your response official Aerosoft support feedback? Tom
  4. I did not find a particular topic here on what are your recommendations when P3D gets updated to newer version. I’m planning to update client and “content” this time. Client is no problem, but content might be, however I do not know that. The question is, is there any particular guide as to your sceneries? What to do once content is updated? Or perhaps I should consider uninstalling and installing back after? Tom
  5. Hi. So I had some test flights. The issue with ai did not show up again. All with regards to this looks fine now. One thing remains and this is strange smoke at some height. I manage to make screen shoot and will post soon. As for the link included I will check it out as well.
  6. Thanks Shawn, I will test it on my side as well. What is strange is that no one reported similar issues...
  7. Cant remember exactly now, however it was morning, well around 10AM flight og LG to Frankfurt - Bombardier. Other was at landing, I got Cargolux, TAP Portugal and 2 Luxair flights not landing but getting go aroung... While landing issue might be with traffic itself, but take off should not. It lookeed like this. Plane did taxi to hold line and stayed there. I do have UT2 for traffic and Radar Contact for ATC. I have found somwhere one day, that other people had simmilar with other airports, and answer was that AFCAD is... wrong. Maybe I messed up traffic files? But then I would not have any traffic at all... Maybe the issue it the way RC4 takes plane position? But at least thay should have "line up and wait" command. Looks like one is not seeing the other.
  8. Hi, I will try to do picture, just pls accept delay as usually I sim friday - saturday nights... Second issue, Take off and go aroud issue? Did anyone experience any of this?
  9. Hi, I have odd problem with my ELLX scenery. First of all, I have box version, updated to latest update - done recently. Still, I have few minor issues: 1. There is smoke effect about 100ft above treshold or just to left of runway 06. Posting picture is quite tricky, but it is there; 2. Traffic. I have noticed strange bahaviour. First, planes do not take off from RWY 24. They stop at the line threshold and do nothing else. Second issue it landing. RWY 06 - 5 AI planes did not land properly and they had good separation... I am using UT2 for traffic if this helps. System is, Windows 7 ultimate, 6GB ram, GTX 580, i7 960. Addons... Fs Global 2010, REX2, UT2. Please advise. Regards Tom
  10. Well, since Aerosoft does not have intentions to do something for Poland, it is nice to see something being done for "once called Poland" place
  11. But what can we say to say hi? sort of xyz abc "aerosoft" guten tag?
  12. I take your word for that, but due to short turnaround time it may be difficult. Perhaps with overnight, but that happens really on occasions and MUC is not top destination. We rather focus on delivering Germans to and from islands as quickly as possible
  13. I think we have have to end this. So end from my side. Last word fro me. I prefer to listen to what ATC says, despite teh fact that ATC not always listens back
  14. That is why STARS and SIDs are not a must - since they can not be read. Get off, summer holidays are about to get over so either buy the product or not.
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