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  1. You know what... I updated and now I’m processing to full reinstall. Before no CTD - now CTD all the time, application issues, sound issues... never have this before.
  2. Mathijs, your approach makes sense but this time I wanted to try shortcut. But let’s see. I kind of don’t want to spend a week reinstalling everything
  3. I did ask there and was told that when updating “content” I should check with 3rd party developers for their advice. So, I’m checking. I checked with some others and got response. Aerosoft - nothing yet. Is your response official Aerosoft support feedback? Tom
  4. I did not find a particular topic here on what are your recommendations when P3D gets updated to newer version. I’m planning to update client and “content” this time. Client is no problem, but content might be, however I do not know that. The question is, is there any particular guide as to your sceneries? What to do once content is updated? Or perhaps I should consider uninstalling and installing back after? Tom
  5. Hi, I have a question related to the upgrade pricing. I admit that I have lost the count now... Currently I’m on P3D 4.2. In the past I was able to update all of the above (with exception to Mallorca/Ibiza) to P3D. Do i have to pay again for them to run on 4.2? With Mallorca and Ibiza it’s a bit problematic because back then I purchased the full combo for FSX. Then I updated Mallorca and Ibiza to P3D. Menorca was not available. Now I see that the pack is back on. Honestly, I lost track. Can someone from support guide me a bit? Tom
  6. Hi, Do you plan to update the CRJ with True Glass or similar? Tom
  7. Nevermind. I just found out a topic which says that if you don't update everything at the time when Airac is available t hen it becomes void... So, i have to purchase new set. Tom
  8. Hi, I have AIRAC from 18/02, stored locally. I have reinstalled my PMDG and wanted to update the AIRAC as well. Path is set correctly to the navdata in the PMDG folder. When I hit update I get 2 error messages: 1. PMDG .zip not found 2. PMDG could not be updated. Whats is wrong? I do not plan to purchase AIRAC every month, I like the one I have from February. Tom
  9. I was able to modify aircraft profile saved in that folder using notepad.
  10. No, it does not appear there at all...
  11. Hello again, Can you please help/advise me? Still, I can't save template of the aircraft to the database. The software saves but new aircraft is not showing in the data base? What can I do, please? If I do reinstall - I can do it, how to get rid of old database? I have done it once and old created database still shows up. Can you help, please? I have been using this software for years now and never had any problems with adding aircraft to the database, I have about 15 added. Recently something is very wrong. Tom
  12. Thank you. Updated and still can't do it.
  13. Hi, I have rather odd problem. All of a sudden I am unable to edit or create new planes. I do the standard, new plane, then I set all the data I need and save... and nothing. It is not added to the list. I save both template and new. Nothing works. I am on version 1.28 Tom
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