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  1. Hi Steve,   I loaded a couple of your repaints,   very nice work.  I can't seem to find the Hawaiian A330 airlines model,  is that out there as of yet?








  2. Dave sorry to bother you with a simple question,  but I can't see anything that tells me how to update my FMC to the latest level of AIRAC?

    1. Detail50


      Sorry Dave,  this was a quick one so I just PM'ed you.   I'll keep looking.   NP

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  3. Dave could use some help if possible,  I loaded Active Sky and had some issues.   Their support team asked me for a few things one being a FSUIPC5 log.    I looked in my add on's and don't see that listed so I'm not sure what this is and how to install it,  much less get a log.  I'm running P3D if that makes any difference.   TY

    1. Detail50


      Yes I have a ticket in,  but it's a day lag between responses

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